MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: QLINK Legacy 250: An Automatic Motorcycle with Multiple Personalities

The newest, neatest motorcycle to hit the entry-level market is the Legacy 250 from QLINK. QLINK is the U.S. importer for CF MOTO, a Chinese manufacturer of primarily scooters thats been around for several decades. QLINK is aggressively going after women knowing they are the fastest growing group among new riders.

MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Nomad

Its one of the biggest touring motorcycles on the market, but dont let the large size fool you into thinking you cant handle it. Teri Conrad put the massive machine through its paces on a twisty mountain road and discovered how comfortable and user-friendly the bike really is. Oh… and you cant miss what she thinks of those large, lockable hard saddlebags. She found they can fit some interesting cargo.

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