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Women Riders Now (WRN) is the #1 (number one) resource for motorcycling news and reviews from a female perspective. We are a web-magazine, and our content is available here to read online for free. There is no print version of WRN. We were founded in 1999, making WomenRidersNow.com the longest running and most thorough resource for female riders anywhere.

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Our site is updated regularly with stories and information that all riders, women or men, can appreciate. Our tagline, "Since 1999, the #1 Resource For Female Motorcyclists And Those Who Ride With Us" reflects that. We also offer a detailed Beginner's Guide for anyone interested in becoming a motorcycle rider. Staying up-to-date with WRN is easy, whether through signing up for our WRN Newsletter or by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Women and Motorcycling Statistics (updated November 30, 2018)

Why is there a need for an online magazine like WRN? Because a new generation of riders demands it! The growth of the female riders is one of the biggest shifts taking place in the motorcycle industry. Check out these 2018 statistics from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC).

  • In 2018, the estimated number of motorcycles owned by females is 19 percent. Owners includes riders and passengers of any motorcycle registered by a woman.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 motorcycle owners is female.
  • The number of young women getting into motorcycling is growing. 22 percent of Gen X motorcycle owners are women, and 26 percent of Gen Y motorcycle owners are women.
  • Women motorcycle owners spend, on average, more money on motorcycle accessories, modifications and repairs than men.

These data suggest that women could soon make up one quarter of motorcycle owners. Read our complete story on the increase of women motorcycle owners and riders here.

Original Text posted in 2014

Look at these 2014 statistics from the Motorcycle Industry Council, the industry trade group that tracks the number of women in motorcycling.

  • In 2014, the estimated number of motorcycles owned by females is 14 percent, a 50 percent increase over the last 10 years.
  • Nearly *25 percent of people who swing a leg over a motorcycle are female, this includes passengers, which means at a minimum 25 percent of purchases are made or highly influenced by women. The powersports industry is estimated to be a $23 billion industry, and women are responsible for $6 billion plus in industry sales.
  • 61 percent of women motorcycle owners ride a cruiser-style motorcycle, according to a latest survey conducted by Women Riders Now.

To see more statistics on women riders from 2014 available from the Motorcycle Industry Council, including the breakdown by age, read our story here.

Why an online magazine for women?

Although the love of motorcycling is universal to those who ride, many women experience the sport differently than men. Women may learn to ride differently, have different requirements when choosing a bike, and face different hurdles when it comes to getting into the sport.

And while the number of women riders continues to increase, these women are not served by any large-scale national media outlet. Surveys have shown that readership of motorcycle magazines is 97 percent male, and so the editors of those magazines typically cater to a male audience.

So where does a woman rider go to find information about beginner-friendly motorcyclesfemale-friendly motorcycling gear and apparel, and stories that speak to her experience? Since its launch in 1999, WRN has been written by women and for women to help fill that void.

What We Offer

WRN's mission is to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive motorcycling news and reviews to the female riding population. By doing so, we aim to educate and inform the motorcycle industry and general public on the growth and impact of the female riding population.

Our contributors, most of them leading female motorcycle journalists, have helped WRN become one of the only places on the web to find in-depth motorcycle reviews and motorcycle product and apparel reviews from a woman's perspective.
Because we know female motorcyclists love to connect and share with one another, we have a robust "comments" section below each story that allows readers to not only post their thoughts, but up to three photos as well. Often our stories start the conversation, and our readers continue it through the comments.

Looking for other women to ride with? Our National & Regional Riding Clubs page offers the most comprehensive list you'll find of women-only riding clubs around the United States. And with the WRN Calendar of Events, you'll be in the loop about the biggest woman-centric motorcycle rallies, rides, and track days scheduled around the country.

New to motorcycling? Anyone just getting into the sport should check out the WRN Beginner's Guide, where we guide you from start to finish on how to enter the world of two-wheeled riding.

The Standards We Adhere To

WRN is an online magazine that adheres to the highest standards in journalism. Like most print magazines, we are supported through advertising. We do not favor any one brand. We promote responsible riding and wearing proper riding gear. When we have control over the content of photo shoots, our riders wear proper gear at all times. Occasionally, we receive photos from contributors who are not wearing proper gear, which we post at our discretion. For more information, visit our FAQs page.

Our Team

The founder of Women Riders Now (WRN) is veteran motorcycle industry journalist and spokesperson Genevieve Schmitt. Genevieve set the mission for WRN when she launched the magazine online in 2006. (The concept of a female-focused motorcycle resource managed by Genevieve technically started in 1999 when she was asked to turn around a fledgling women's print magazine, Asphalt Angels. That evolved into Woman Rider magazine, of which Genevieve was founding editor.)

Today, editorial and marketing efforts at WomenRidersNow.com are performed by a team led by the WRN Leadership Board. That Board is co-chaired by veteran motorcycle industry executive Sarah Schilke and veteran marketing executive and multiple land speed record holder Erin Sills. Serving as editor is Tricia Szulewski, a well-known motorcycle journalist who previously contributed to V-twin motorcycle magazine, American Iron. To read more about the team visit Our Staff page.

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