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Staying Up-to-Date With WRN

Can I purchase a subscription to Women Riders Now (WRN)?
Women Riders Now is an online-only motorcycle magazine, meaning there is no print version, so no, you cannot subscribe to the online magazine. The content provided is free. Readers who would like to "subscribe" by receiving alerts when we post new stories can sign up for our free e-newsletter.

How can I sign up to receive your newsletter?
You can sign up to receive the newsletter by following the instructions on WRN Newsletter Sign-Up page.

How often do you send out your e-newsletter?
The WRN Newsletter is sent out once every month. It includes links to new and recently posted stories as well as newsletter-only items, such as a quote of the month, exclusive deals from our advertisers, and last minute motorcycling news.

Can I follow Women Riders Now on social media?
Yes! You can find Women Riders Now on Facebook at this link, and you can follow us on Twitter at this link. We also have an Instagram page, and Pinterest page you can find here, and we update all of them on a regular basis.

Editorial Content

Why publish an online magazine about women and motorcycling?
Women motorcyclists are not specifically targeted by any large-scale national media outlet, be it in print, online or on television. Women Riders Now fills this gap, serving the female segment of the riding community, which happens to be the fastest-growing motorcycling demographic and, arguably, the most influential as well. To learn more about WRN's mission, visit the About Women Riders Now page.

What is WRN's editorial policy?
We operate much like any high-end motorcycle magazine in that we adhere to strict editorial guidelines, with the goal of being fair and balanced with every story that we post. We do not favor any brand or product over another.

How is WRN different than the other female-oriented motorcycling websites?
WRN is much more than a website—it's an online magazine packed with news and information about the motorcycle industry, all with a focus on women riders. There aren't many other places on the Internet where you can read a motorcycle review written by a woman.The founder of WRN, Genevieve Schmitt, has been working in the motorcycle industry full-time since 1997. With her extensive list of industry contacts and her many years of motorcycling experience, Genevieve gets invited to the biggest motorcycle industry events, giving her (and WRN's readers) an inside track. She and her team of experienced motojournalists are able to deliver up-to-date news and information about women and motorcycling that can't be found anywhere else.

Is Women Riders Now a blog?
Women Riders Now is not a blog.A blog, by definition, features opinionated content by its author. WRN is an online magazine that abides by the same standards as a journalistically sound print magazine.WRN's articles are researched, unbiased and factual.

Can I join the Women Riders Now club or open up a chapter in my area?
Believe it or not, we get this question a fair amount so we're adding it here. We are not a club of any kind. Women Riders Now is an online magazine, a website, a resource, that offers information for and about women motorcycle riders.

How can I submit a story or review to Women Riders Now?
We love getting stories and reviews from our readers. Our Your Stories section features reader-submitted stories with topics ranging from one's first overnight ride, to starting ride at age 60. We ask that you adhere to our submission guidelines that can be found here.

We also welcome reader reviews on motorcycles, products, apparel and any type of gear related to motorcycling. That section is located here in Your Reviews.Please follow our submission guidelines here for submitting a review.

It seems like WRN showcases more cruiser and touring motorcycles than sportbikes. WRN also seems to give more attention to one particular brand. Why is this?
WRN is an all-brands motorcycle site, and we do not purposefully showcase one style or brand of motorcycle over another. If you look closely at the pictures on the site, you will see every major brand and style of motorcycle represented, sportbikes included.

National statistics indicate that a little more than half of female motorcyclists ride cruiser-style motorcycles, so based on that information and on the input we get from readers, we simply receive (and thus print) more cruiser-related material.Nevertheless, in our quest to showcase all styles of motorcycles fairly, we've developed an extensive Sportbike & Dirt Bike beginner's guide and a Sportbike Corner for those interested in those styles of motorcycles . When it comes to women and motorcycling, we believe it's not about the brand or style of bike that you ride—what's more important is the fact that you're out there riding at all.

WRN has so many articles about riding safely and wearing proper riding gear, so it seems contradictory that the site shows photos of people riding without wearing jackets, DOT-approved helmets, etc. Why do you do this?
At WRN, we pride ourselves on the fact that we adhere to ATGATT (All the Gear, All the Time) with every photo shoot we have control over—but unfortunately, we don't have control over all of them. We are very careful to make sure that our test riders and contributors are wearing DOT-approved helmets, gloves, jackets and boots at our motorcycle test rides and product review photo shoots. If a woman shown in one of our photo shoots is not wearing all that gear, it's because she's sitting on the motorcycle instead of riding it.

However, we regularly receive photos from readers that we had no say in creating, and some of those photos showcase riders wearing less-than-proper riding outfits. While we'd prefer to run only photos that show properly geared-up motorcyclists, we had to make a decision. That decision: If we were going to invite the thousands of WRN readers who visit our site to submit their own articles to our Reader Stories and Reader Reviews sections, we'd have to relax our rules somewhat when it comes to what they're wearing in their photos. Obviously we draw the line at a woman wearing a bikini top or something equally improper while riding, but expecting every single photo to show a person in perfect gear would severely limit the amount of reader content we could publish.

The Internet is all about community and social networking, and the stories submitted by our readers are some of the most popular stories on our site. So while we edit the stories as we see fit and post only the photos we feel are pertinent to the message of the story, sometimes those photos don't include a DOT-approved helmet or an armored jacket—even though we wish they did.

Product Reviews & Advertising

How can I get my product mentioned on WRN?
WRN's Apparel & Product Reviews is a section where we post selected items we feel are of interest to our readers. If you would like your product to be considered for a product announcement—an article in which we post information about the product but do not review or test it— please follow these guidelines:

  • Submit a press release spelling out the basics of the product (e.g., the name of your company, what the product is, who it's of use to, why it's of use, etc.).
  • Attach at least one image (two or more are preferred) to your email in a high-resolution jpeg format. While low-resolution photos are used on the Web, we prefer to downsize them on our end.
  • Email the images and press release to the editor Tricia Szulewski at We make no guarantees about when or if the product will be posted on WRN. However, if we do post a story about the product, we will email you the link to the story once it's gone live on the site.

If you wish to have your product tested and reviewed by WRN editor Tricia Szulewski or one of WRN's contributors, it is best to call or email us to see if your product is something we feel is worthwhile to our readers. We cannot guarantee we'll test or review a product that's sent to us unsolicited, and unsolicited items sent to our office will not be returned.

How do I advertise on WRN?
We offer a variety of banner ads in different sizes and styles that you can purchase in order to have your product or service reach the thousands of readers who visit our site every month. Visit the Advertising Info page to find out how to receive a media kit.

Technical Questions

I posted a comment underneath a story on WRN. Why is it not appearing on the site?
We review all comments before they get posted on the site. If you don't see your comment appearing underneath a story, it's likely for one of two reasons: 1) We haven't had a chance to review and approve the comment yet, or 2) The comment did not meet our editorial standards (meaning the comment was off topic, mean spirited, or otherwise not relevant to the story) and will not appear on the site.

I've been receiving the WRN Newsletter and would like to unsubscribe. How do I do this?
We adhere to the highest standards regarding Internet and email usage, and wenever add names to our mailing list without permission. If you've received a newsletter from WRN without signing up, it's likely that a friend or family member signed you up. You can easily unsubscribe from our mailing list by opening any WRN Newsletter and clicking the link at the bottom that reads "Unsubscribe."

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