Insuring Your Motorcycle Accessories

Imagine getting ready for your next ride. You put on your chaps, jacket, boots, gloves and helmet. Throw a few things in your bikes saddlebags, maybe clean some bugs off the windshield. Turn on the GPS, maybe even put some tunes on the radio and you’re ready to take off. What if I told you that if you were to get in an accident on that ride, the motorcycle accessories mentioned above may not be covered on your motorcycle insurance policy?

Saving Money on Motorcycle Insurance

As responsible motorcycle owners, we wouldn’t think of driving without the protection of insurance. But it still hurts to write that check. Fortunately, there are things you can do to lower your insurance premium and take some of the sting out of paying for your insurance.

Harley-Davidson Fantasy Camp Now Taking Reservations

This summer the Harley-Davidson Museum will offer a select group of riders and enthusiasts an exclusive opportunity to become the ultimate Harley-Davidson insider. The Harley-Davidson Fantasy Camp is an exclusive behind-the-scenes Harley-Davidson experience offering participants a once-in-a-lifetime chance to immerse themselves in Harley-Davidson Motor Company history.

Your Credit Score: Can it lower your premium?

Will improving your credit score lower the premium for your motorcycle insurance? It just might. Always trying to win your business with lower rates, insurance companies have found a better formula, using elements of your credit score, to predict how responsible a rider you are, and the likelihood that your riding will result in a costly claim.

Motorcycle Insurance: Five Commonly Asked Questions

Youd rather be riding your motorcycle than be behind the wheel of a car any day. Youve customized your bike as much as you can so it screams “you!” And you know that the only difference between dragging the pegs and highsiding is a lot of skill (and a little luck). But how much do you know about the insurance that protects you while youre out there with the wind in your face?

Funny Insurance Claims

When it comes to motorcycle insurance claims, there are some common situations we often deal with at Markel. While many of the claims we see have similar circumstances, every once in a while we get one that makes even our most seasoned claim examiners step back and say, “How did THAT happen?”

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