Honda’s MiniMOTO Lineup Offers Big Fun in Small Packages

Good things come in small packages. For decades, Honda has been proving this to be true with its miniMOTO lineup. Honda’s miniMOTOs are a portfolio of petite bikes that are guaranteed to bring a smile …

Honda’s MiniMOTO Lineup Offers Big Fun in Small Packages

5 Sexy Lightweight Motorcycles Just for Fun!

A fan of our Women Riders Now Facebook page asked us what we thought were the top five lightweight and sexy motorcycles. Good question! With it being Valentine’s Day this week, indulge us as we share the motorcycles we think can help you transform into your sexy alter ego.

Updated for 2014! New Colors for Honda Rebel

The Honda Rebel is a popular choice among entry-level street riders because it’s a highly manageable 250cc motorcycle with classic cruiser styling that has enduring appeal. The bike is also comfortable, light in weight and easy to maneuver—that’s why it’s the ride of choice for many motorcycle-training facilities across the United States.

Trading Up to a Dresser: Should You or Shouldnt You?

If you ride a cruiser and enjoy touring, over the course of your riding life you may find yourself graduating to bigger motorcycles, the choice of machine dictated usually by the level of riding experience you have and the type of riding you do. At what point do you stop moving up, though?

Reader Story and Review: From Bike to Trike

To say that my history with motorcycles was minimal would be an understatement. I had never ridden “anything,” and 26 years ago had ridden on a bike as a passenger for about an hour. My husband, Mike, rides bikes and has raced dirt bikes his entire life. When he retired, and a girl friend of mine got her motorcycling license, I decided to take the leap and work towards getting mine.

Reader Story: Learning to Ride, One Motorcycle at a Time

It all began 4 years ago. With the children grown and out of the house, my husband, Neil, said, “Its time to start riding again.” I said, “Have fun”! I had never ridden on a motorcycle, except for once when I was 18, and that ride was enough for me. I also once rode on the back of Neil’s motorcycle and didn’t think it was that much fun. But, for my 50th birthday, Neil somehow managed to have me take motorcycle lessons.

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