MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2007 Shadow Spirit 750 C2

New looks for a favorite Shadow

By Pamela Collins

With its painted flames and chopper-like profile, Hondas new for 2007 Shadow Spirit 750 C2 looks like one bad motorcycle, but it provides riders with a satisfying package of comfortable ergos, eye-catching looks and pleasing performance. Think of this new Spirit as more Casper the Ghost than Headless Horseman.

Minimal bodywork but maximum machine is how the C2#39;s designer Martin Manchester summed up the styling of this new Shadow.

The new Shadow Spirit 750 C2 is an improvement of the existing Shadow Spirit 750 platform. Styling differences shout the loudest. The Spirit 750 C2 wears a larger 21-inch tire up front up from 18-inches of the 2006 model, giving the front end that custom, raked-out look (its the first Honda motorcycle ever to sport that size front tire). The seat has been slimmed down to a curvy, one-piece gunfighter-style.

No balancing act needed. Honda#39;s Shadow Spirit 750 C2#39;s low seat height and center of gravity add to its riding ease.

A re-styled straight-cut rear fender adds a custom touch to the bikes backside, and an integrated taillight cleanly flows from the rear fenders bottom edge. The airbox sports a new, sexy teardrop shape, and newly designed handlebars reach comfortably back to the rider from their custom-looking upright risers. The aluminum radiator has disappeared from the bikes profile as it now sits tucked between the frames downtubes.

Fresh looks and a redesigned frame make the Shadow Spirit 750 C2 resemble a custom chopper but with neutral handling making riding it a pleasure.

Some of the biggest news stems from switching to a nearly maintenance-free shaft drive from the current models chain drive, something Honda representatives say focus groups noted as a desirable upgrade. In addition, a new single backbone frame allows the wheelbase to stretch more than one inch longer than the current 750 Shadow Spirit while also lowering seat height nine-tenths of one inch, down to a very inseam-friendly 25.7 inches. However, in spite of these changes, the Spirit 750 C2 only gained 7.5 pounds from the current model tipping the scales at an easy-riding 503.5 pounds dry weight.

Out on the Highway

Putting the rubber to the road with this Spirit 750 C2 demonstrated the bike rides as good as it looks. Running the highways and some byways northeast of San Diego where I tested this bike, the Spirit 750 C2 felt like a larger displacement motorcycle. A surprising abundance of low-end torque from the 52-degree liquid-cooled V-Twin meant you rocketed to higher speeds quickly while also enjoying the benefits that extra-grunt provides when performing slower speed maneuvers.

Roll-on acceleration at highway speeds came when you called for it, the excellent throttle response courtesy of the single 34mm constant-velocity carburetor. The motorcycles suspension (41-mm front fork with 4.6 inches of travel and rear dual shocks with five-position spring preload adjustability and 3.5-inches of travel) soaked up bumps with a plush authority. Traveling the freeway at speeds over 70 mph produced no unduly annoying buzziness in the handlebars or footpegs.

Pam#39;s test bike had a windshield, one of the many aftermarket touring accessories available for the C2.

The easy handling of the 2006 Shadow Spirit 750 had always delighted, and the growth of that front tire to 21-inches on the 2007 C2 version generated curiosity. Would it fall into turns too easily? How would the handling be affected? The answer even better than before. The larger front tire (90/90-21 sized rubber) responded even more quickly to steering input, but neutrally it didnt fall or flop sideways and a rider didnt need to continually make adjustments to set a line. The rear tire is 160/80-15. Also, that usual jacking up on the rear suspension sometimes associated with a shaft drive was indiscernible.

From all angles, the C2 has the the appearance of a bigger bike, but is actually very user-friendly and easy to ride. Reminds us of this bike#39;s cousin, the Shadow Aero 750.

The Shadow Spirit 750 C2 has a user-friendly transmission as well. The gears of the wide-ratio five-speed snicked easily into place, aided by the excellent cable clutch that needed only the lightest of pulls to shift. Though neither the clutch nor the brake sported adjustable levers, my six-inch long hands werent sore from stretching to reach them.

The C2s stopping power comes courtesy of a single 296mm disk with twin-piston calipers up front and a drum brake in the rear. Not the fanciest stopping power available, but adequate and easy to modulate.

The 745cc 52-degree V-twin pulls strongly throughout all the gears.

Another pleasant surprise comes from the bikes exhaust note. Low and mellow, very-cruiser like and plenty loud, it provided a great soundtrack while traveling the horse-farm and orchard-lined roads around Del Mar, California. Atop the 3.7-gallon gas tank sits a traditional cruiser style array of gauges in a chrome instrument housing.

TheSpirit 750 C2 should be in dealerships by the end of 2006 and will be sold alongside the 2006 current Shadow Spirit for a few months. Eventually, the C2 will be the only Shadow Spirit 750 in Honda#39;s line-up.

Specs at a Glance: 2007 Shadow Spirit 750 C2
Displacement: 745cc
Seat Height: 25.7 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.7 gallons
Dry Weight: 503.5 pounds
Colors: Ultra Blue Metallic, Red/Flame, Black/Flame, Black
MSRP: $6,799 for single color; $7,099 for flamed paint job

WRN Recommendation
If youre looking for something new and different in the middleweight cruiser category, consider the C2. It works great around town, but can be turned into a long distance traveler with new accessories Honda will offer soon, including an audio system. If you were a fan of the original Spirit, youll find this one even better, getting so much more for the price.

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11 thoughts on MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2007 Shadow Spirit 750 C2

  1. I ride a 2007 C2 and I love it.With my height of 1.70m I changed to a Mustang seat to prevent back pain (on long ride). Germany has beautiful countryside with plenty of curvy winehill roads which are fun traveling with this bike. The Autobahn for the high speed ride is just as nice (will have to consider a windshield though).

    Overall I like the feeling this bike gives me riding it. And the looks you get parking this big toy which is so easy to handle but yet looks so huge.

  2. Can you tell me the exact windshield that's on this bike?

    1. Since this was a Honda press launch of this model, it's safe to say this is a Honda aftermarket windshield, one designed to fit this specific model.

  3. I have been riding for years and have had many bikes both large and small. I wanted to buy a bike that would be just right for riding through the beautiful but winding canyon roads in the Utah back country. I have always loved the looks of the Shadow Spirit 750 but I don't really like chain driven bikes. When the C2 came out I was still concerned about it having enough power being I' 5 feet 11 inches and 185 pounds. I rode a friend's C2 and was very pleasantly surprised. I bought a used 07 with 3000 miles on it. I love this bike. It has plenty of power and low-end torque. Almost as much as my 99 Aero 1100. My only complaint is the seat isn't very comfortable on long rides. You won't be sorry if you choose this bike!

  4. I started riding back in college at about 20 years old. There were very few women riders that I knew or even saw when I was out on the road. How things have changed in almost 30 years.

    My husband convinced me just this past year that I needed a newer, more reliable bike than the one I was currently riding (an 82 Honda Magna that I loved but was starting to have carb troubles). I started looking and found several bikes I thought would suit my needs. I waffled between the Vulcan 900 and the Honda Spirit. My hubby wanted me to also consider the new V Star 900. hat one wasn't a choice for me because of the width of the seat and bike in general. It just wasn't a good feel.

    Once again my hubby thought I would look good on the Vulcan, but it was taller and a bit heavier which made me a bit leary. My decision was the Spirit and what a bike. It's perfect for my rides to school (I teach). The students think it's just awesome and oh so cool. This bike is the perfect all around bike. It's light and nimble, easy to move in town, but with plenty of get up and go on the open road. It's a blast in the hills and I've never had a problem keeping up with my husband on his 1100 V Star. It's a great mid-sized bike that will take you anywhere you want to go and in style. My bike is the new 2008 Spirit and I'm an average size rider at 5 feet 6.

  5. I also have a 2007. Putting Vance & Hines pipes on it now; get it back at end of week. Went around Lake Superior last summer, 2,200 miles. It's the best bike I've ever owned. Wouldn't trade it for the world!

  6. I just bought the 2007 Spirit C2 as my first bike and can't express how happy I am with it! Being only 5 feet 2 inches, 120 pounds, and never driven a standard car before I was more than nervous. After taking the MSF course and proudly walking away with success it was a tough choice on bikes. I spent a lot of time sitting on different bikes trying to get the right fit but most of the smaller bikes still felt big. Then I sat on the Spirit C2 and it was like putting on a really good pair of gloves for the first time. 

    My next challenge was deciding if I go for a smaller engine size like the V Star 650, Vulcan 500, or Shadow VLX 600 and give up the comfort or go with a bigger engine and a bike that fits my size better? I finaly decided to pick the bike I felt the most comfortable on and fit me the best. 

    The Spirit C2 is amazingly user friendly and very forgiving with newbie mistakes. After the first time out I was amazed at how easy it is to shift. There is no lunging when you let the clutch out to fast or downshift too early. I couldn't have picked a better bike.

  7. I really like the article. I found it informative and educational. I also like the photos that came with the article. I'm thinking of buying a Honda but have yet to decide which one.

  8. I have found some great aftermarket things on It also shows what other people who own the bike have bought so you can see what would work on it. I, too, own this bike, 2008, and love it!

  9. I love the bike. I own one. First service on next Saturday. Article was great. Can someone please tell me where I can get hold of some decent aftermarket accessories for the bike? Thanks.

    1. One of our advertisers, MC Enterprises, makes accessories for metric cruisers like the Shadow. Click on the ad on the right margin. That's a good place to start.

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