Gift Guide: Deals and Sales Exclusively for WRN Readers

Women Riders Now (WRN) is kicking off the Winter season with our quarterly gift guide of exclusive deals on motorcycle-inspired products just for WRN readers. You wont find these anywhere else, so if youre reading this page, you can take advantage of these deals. Just follow the instructions for each item when ordering. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for loved ones, thanks for shopping here!

Handlebars, Shocks Footpegs for Short and Tall Riders

Just like the three bears beds for Goldilocks, our stock motorcycles are just not right sometimes. Often its a matter of adjusting the handlebars, the footpegs or the shocks. Fortunately, Harley-Davidson is aware that not all riders are built the same, so over the last few years, engineers in the PA department have been designing various parts to accommodate shorter and taller-than-average riders. We also included something every rider should have—a set of auxiliary riding lights from Motolight.

Exclusive Holiday Discounts Just for WRN Readers

Weve got the most comprehensive motorcycling gift guide for women riders everywhere! The companies that advertise on Women Riders Now want to give you, the WRN reader, a special deal this holiday season. Please be sure to shop these companies first, and when you buy let them know you heard about them on WRN.

REVIEW: Helibars Handlebars Help Riders Get the Right Fit

When a rider buys a motorcycle, it’s not uncommon for him or her to change out certain components so he or she is comfortable on the new bike. The two most commonly replaced parts are the seat and the handlebars, two of the three places on the bike where the rider comes in contact with it, the third being the foot boards or footpegs. It’s rare for a person to own a completely stock motorcycle.

More Great Gadgets From The Robson Company

The Robson Company has improved the Thumbnail Extension, reviewed by WRN. So whats new? The Thumbnail Curve as its now called, is contoured making it even easier for those with shorter fingers to reach the turn signals. It covers the stock button better so when a rider with a short thumb reaches for the turn signal, the Thumbnail Curve extension is right within reach so the rider doesnt have to move his or her hand off the throttle or handgrip.

Custom Leather Products for Your Motorcycle

Im a big fan of quality leather made goods for your motorcycle. When I was at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati in February, I met Jay Burgher of Mad Cow Custom Leather showing off his handmade designs. What you see here is only a sample of what Jay can make for you. He uses cowhide and ostrich skins to create one of kind motorcycle seats, saddlebags, tool bags – you name it.

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