Do It Yourself Tech: Change Your Motorcycle’s Handlebars for an Easy Reach

The first thing to do when buying any motorcycle is make necessary ergonomic adjustments to the handlebars, levers, footpegs and foot controls, seat, and suspension so you can easily reach the grips with a relaxed bend in your elbows with feet and hands comfortably able to use all the controls. We show how we changed a Harley-Davidson Street 750 to better fit a short woman rider.

VIDEO: Ride Your Harley-Davidson or Adventure Motorcycle Without the Clutch

Can this really be true? Can you ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or an adventure bike like a BMW, without using the clutch lever when shifting gears? Yes you can with a product from Rekluse Clutches. With the EXP Performance Auto-Clutch installed in your motorcycle, your clutch hand is free to just hold the left handgrip so you can focus on the ride.

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