Never Fumble for Harley-Davidson Horn Button Again

Neat gadget helps you blast the horn when you need it

If you ride a Harley-Davidson, you may have had the experience of fumbling for your horn button and hitting the left turn signal instead. Not only is this frustrating, it can be dangerous because you cant access your horn in time to alert a distracted driver. We’ve discovered a neat gadget that can help prevent this precarious situation while potentially avoiding a crash.

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LifeSaverHorn is a one-piece solid lever that attaches to your left grip. When your left thumb presses it, the lever pivots and presses the horn button—all without moving your hand from its normal secure riding position.

Riders with small hands can really benefit from this device because now they dont have to move their hand off the handgrip to “reach” the horn button. Moving ones hand off the hand grip while riding is not recommended, but most especially in a potentially precarious traffic situation. The rider needs access to the clutch lever should a quick shift into another gear or neutral be needed.

never fumble for harley-davidson horn button again gloved hand lifesaver
A simple press of the thumb engages the horn on a Harley-Davidson, ensuring a rider wont be fumbling for the right button when she needs to sound a warning to a nearby car or fellow rider.
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never fumble for harley-davidson horn button again
The LifeSaverHorn comes in chrome or matte black and can be installed in minutes using a screwdriver. It also comes with different-sized touch pads so you can customize the feel. Detailed installation instructions are on the website.

The LifeSaverHorn was developed by a U.S. Army veteran after a car swerved left into this lane sending him and his motorcycling smashing into the cars side and then to the hospital. He tried to warn the driver, but his finger couldnt get to the horn button in time.

Priced at $14, the LifeSaverHorn is an affordable way to up your safety factor when you ride your motorcycle. According to the product developer, riders who install the LifeSaverHorn tend to use their horns more often, which helps them avoid dicey situations altogether.

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3 thoughts on Never Fumble for Harley-Davidson Horn Button Again

  1. i bought this gadget and it works relatively well. It’s an easy install. The horn is right at your fingertip (thumb) so to speak. The downside is you lose about an inch on your grip. It’s a bit uncomfortable for me. The other negative is now I have to reach for my signal button. The design interferes—not greatly—but it’s not as easy to find the button now that I installed this product.

  2. I just went and ordered two of these. One for myself and one for my riding buddy. I had this exact thing happen the other day, where I turned the indicator on instead of the horn and then I took eyes off road (bad, I know) to see where the horn button was. I will post how it goes once received and installed. Fabulous idea!They also have matte black and chrome and well-priced.

  3. Kudos to the army veteran that developed this add-on. Maybe Harley-Davidson will take the hint and change the location of the horn button.

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