5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Indian Motorcycle

Bolt-ons that make you more comfortable on the bike

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor at Large
I’m excited to see Indian Motorcycle aggressively marketing its motorcycles to women. The company currently is promoting its motorcycles on this site, as well as sponsoring rider events for women, and using individual female riding ambassadors to tout the brand.
5 must have accessories for indian motorcycle
We at Women Riders Now are noticing an increase in women riding Indian Motorcycles as well as more enthusiasm for the brand simply based on feedback to our articles on the site here, and on our Women Riders Now Facebook page.

While Indian might be a relatively new brand under the Polaris Industries banner (just 6 years old), the more than 100-year-old Indian Motorcycle brand is steeped in history giving Polaris much to work from when designing not only the motorcycles, but accessories to go with them.

When you buy an Indian Motorcycle you can be confident you’ll find accessories to make your ride more comfortable. And comfort for a woman is the most important feature when choosing a motorcycle based on a survey we conducted of our readers. With comfort comes confidence.
Here are five accessories from Indian designed to help a rider feel more comfortable when buying a stock Indian motorcycle.
1. Reduced Reach Seat
Most women find a stock motorcycle too big to be completely comfortable on it in one way or another. The most common part of a motorcycle that needs adjusting is seat height. Feet flat on the ground gives a rider more control therefore increasing confidence.
5 must have accessories for indian motorcycle scout bobber
Indians Reduced Reach seat for Scout models moves the riders butt 2 inches forward over the stock setting, allowing her to reach the footpegs and handlebars more comfortably. The seat also lowers her legs giving her more bend in the knee, which allows her to have increased control over the motorcycle. Shown here is the 2018 Scout Bobber.

5 must have accessories for indian motorcycle black seat
The black Reduced Reach Seat is made of all-weather vinyl and sells for $199.99. Look for item number 2880241-01. This size also comes in Desert Tan, is made of leather, and sells for $249.99. Look for item number 2880241-05.
5 must have accessories for indian motorcycle heated seat
The Desert Tan Reduced Reach Heated Seat comes with fringe and studs for decoration and positions a rider ¾ inches lower, and 1 inch forward. A heat control switch is on the left side. Price is $699.99; look for item number 2879578-06. This seat also comes in black for $100 less with an item number of 2879578-02.

2. Reduced Reach Foot Controls

5 must have accessories for indian motorcycle scout
The Indian Scout is one of the most popular Indian models among women so naturally Indian wants to make sure female riders are as comfortable as possible. Reduced Reach Foot Controls ensures a rider with shorter legs can reach the foot pegs, brake, and shifter.

5 must have accessories for indian motorcycle reduced reach foot controls
The aftermarket foot controls from Indian move the foot peg and the controls closer to the rider 2 inches from the stock position. The unit sells for $169.99; look for item number 2880239-650.

3. Reduced Reach Handlebars

There are several Reduced Reach Handlebars to fit the various Indian models and to ensure one size works for you.

5 must have accessories for indian motorcycle reduced reach handlebars
Reduced Reach Pullback Bars fit an Indian Scout and position the handgrips and hand controls 2 inches closer to the rider over the stock placement. These sell for $149.99. Item number 2880153-410.

4. Quick Release Windshield

As much as a rider thinks she wants to cruise with her face in the breeze, eventually she will, like most motorcyclists, cave in to getting a windshield. One jaunt without the wind buffeting effect and shell wonder why she waited so long to install one.

5 must have accessories for indian motorcycle windshield
The best part of owning a windshield from Indian Motorcycle is that it can easily be removed for the days you want to ride without one. All Indians with a stock windshield are detachable, except for the shields that are built into the fairing. Indians without a stock windshield have an accessory windshield available for it.

5 must have accessories for indian motorcycle scout windshield
This is the Quick Release Windshield – Mid 21 that fits on the Scout models. Price $449.99; item number 2880237-156. This windshield comes in a low and tall version too. Check if this comes with the docking hardware. If not, you’ll have to purchase separately. Also check to ensure the windshield works with your handlebar set up if you’ve changed it from stock.

5. Windshield Bag

While not an accessory for physical comfort, the Windshield Tool Pouch from Indian Motorcycle provides comfort in knowing you have space for a few essential items when you can’t fit a purse or bag on the bike.

5 must have accessories for indian motorcycle tool pouch
This leather Windshield Tool Pouch in Desert Tan (also comes in black) provides a small bit of storage and is installed on the rider’s side of a windshield. For women, “tools” could consist of lipstick, sunscreen, sunglasses, gloves, mints, etc., plus the wrench. The bag costs $189.99. Item number 2880901-05.

To find these and other Indian Motorcycle accessories, visit IndianMotorcycle.com.

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4 thoughts on 5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Indian Motorcycle

  1. I agree with Patty. I bought a Scout after riding a Yamaha 950 for five years. I miss the larger and locking bags and a fuel tank that allows me to ride more than 100 miles. An intermediate bike would be great!

  2. I agree with Patty, as I also have a 2017 Springfield which I absolutelylove. There were some adjustments which I needed to make in order to fit the bike to my comfort level which included; driver’s backrest (worth every penny for the comfort), the lowering package (allowing my feet to be flat on the ground at a height I prefer), and heated grips (this is a must-have to extend the riding season here on the east coast). I also own a 2016 Scout which I also have the backrest. Indian has a wonderful selection of accessories and most of its dealers are helpful in aiding with your choice.

  3. I totally agree with this entire list. I like that you included the bag because when I ride the Scout I have a difficult time having to carry a backpack. I really would appreciate the bag!

  4. This was primarily directed towards the Scout, what about the other models? I bought a 2017 Springfield and I am having to make some of these adjustments, like the reduced reach bars. Keep in mind that there are women buying the bigger bikes. On a side note, I think it would be awesome if you made an intermediate Scout or one in between the Scout and the Classic that had a bigger tank and hard bags or a bag option. I think you would bring in more women riders and/or beginner riders looking for a slightly bigger option to start out on but not a huge bike.

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