Less is More with New Indian Scout Bobber

2018 model available in September

Strip it down. That was the inspiration Indian Motorcycle used when developing the latest model in its iconic Scout lineup, the new Indian Scout Bobber, available in dealerships in September. The Scout Bobber joins the Scout, and Scout Sixty, both reviewed by Women Riders Now.
less is more indian scout bobber
The Indian Motorcycle Scout Bobber is a low slung blacked-out minimalist motorcycle that proves less is definitely more. The chopped front and rear fender and knobby tires give the bike that vintage “bobber” look.

“The Scout Bobber is our most raw and mean machine to date, and the ultimate in the celebration of what motorcycling is about—a powerful engine, two wheels, and no plans of where to go,” said Reid Wilson, Marketing Director, Indian Motorcycle. “It’s an incredibly fun motorcycle that delivers a ton of attitude, along with a ton of power.”

less is more indian scout bobber woman rider seated
The Indian Scout Bobber has a commanding presence in spite of it being a stripped down version of the two other Scouts models. The blacked-out components, chopped fenders, large headlight nacelle, knobby tires, and adjustable mirrors will definitely get you a second look.
less is more indian scout bobber seat height
The Scout Bobbers appealing low seat height of just 25.6 inches and narrow profile ensures that a range of different sized riders can reach the ground flat footed.

The newest member of the Scout family pays homage to the mean, stripped-down builds of America’s post-war past. “Indian Motorcycle has really hit on something here as the younger generation of riders, who are strapped to afford large touring motorcycles, are looking to America’s past for their garage-born, more affordable, ground-up rebuilds these days,” says Genevieve Schmitt, editor of Women Riders Now. “With an appealing price tag of just $11,499, riders can have a brand new motorcycle that resembles the motorcycles their peers are putting together at chop shops and garage co-ops.”

less is more indian scout bobber riding
The pegs have been moved 1.5 inches closer to the rider and the rear suspension has been lowered 1 inch delivering “unfiltered feedback from every inch of blacktop” states the marketing notes.

less is more indian scout bobber woman rider
The Scout Bobber features a black headlight nacelle and minimal engine covers on its 69ci motor (1133cc). The new block letter logo on the tank compliments the muscular look of the bike. Shown is the Thunder Black color.

less is more indian scout bobber handlebars
The Scout Bobber comes standard with “street tracker” handlebars that puts the rider in a low and forward “aggressive” riding position.

less is more indian scout bobber dash
The dash on the Scout Bobber is similar to the Scout and the Scout Sixty with a clean single speedometer with rider information, but comes with a black face to complement the blacked-out styling elements.

less is more indian scout bobber rear fender
The most noticeable difference between the Scout Bobber and its cousins, the Scout and Scout Sixty, is the chopped fenders (hence the name Bobber) showing off more of the knobby tires.
less is more indian scout bobber red black
The Scout Sixty comes in several appealing color schemes including this Indian Motorcycle Red with a splash of black on the sides of the fuel tank.
less is more indian scout bobber star silver smoke
This “whitish-gray” color is Star Silver Smoke, again with a splash of black across the tank.

less is more indian scout bobber bronze smoke
Bronze Smoke has a greenish/bronze cast to it, along with the black accent on the tank.

less is more indian scout bobber mirrors up
The adjustable mirrors can sit up, shown here, or be moved below the bars as shown in the next photo.

less is more indian scout bobber mirrors down
The adjustability of the mirrors up or down (shown here) is really more of a styling element as the low-slung mirrors add to the motorcycles “cool” factor.

less is more indian scout bobber midrise handlebars
There are many custom accessories already for the new Scout Bobber including midrise handlebars shown here that sell for $349.99.
less is more indian scout bobber luggage
The stripped-down solo-seat Scout Sixty can be outfitted with custom-made leather saddlebags and a rear leather top case attached to a luggage rack (all by Indian Motorcycle) so the rider can carry a few essentials. Each saddlebag is $269; the Bobber Solo Rack bag is $249.99; the rack is $229.99.

less is more indian scout bobber group
The Indian Scout Bobber is right at home cruising the urban streets and hanging with friends.

In addition to the colors shown above, the Scout Bobber comes in Thunder Black Smoke with ABS, with prices starting from $11,499 to $12,499. Pre-orders are available at dealers to make sure you can be the first to get the newest member of the Scout family. Visit IndianMotorcycle.com for more information. All the accessories shown here and more can be found at this link on IndianMotorcycle.com.

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