Satellite-Powered Compass Adds Extra Layer of Navigation

Always know which direction you’re heading

For riders who are not a fan of using a GPS on their motorcycle and/or prefer to use paper maps for their two-and three-wheeled touring adventures, here’s an easy-to-read and install modern-day compass to help navigate the world the old-fashioned way.

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Unlike a classic compass that uses the earth’s magnetic field for directions, the Quest Compass from Marlin’s Genuine Accessories uses satellite technology to display the direction you’re heading. Because it uses a satellite, it needs to be hooked up to a power source like your motorcycle battery, small 9-volt external battery pack, or USB connector.

satellite powered compass adds extra layer of navigation quest led
Marlin’s Quest Compass has a large, easy-to-read LED heading display that can be seen in bright daylight. It’s designed so gloved hands can touch the button to adjust the brightness or reset the system.

satellite powered compass adds extra layer of navigation quest chrome
The Quest Compass comes in chrome or matte black finish, and measures 1¾ inch in diameter, so it’s unobtrusive on your bars. Shown is the basic handlebar mount that comes in a variety of sizes, but there are other ways to install it, including a perch mount or simply taping it. Notice the eight-point directions on the compass, not just N, S, E, and W.

satellite powered compass adds extra layer of navigation quest black
The Quest Compass will help ensure you stay in the direction of travel you want to be, and that you don’t end up on an unfamiliar road heading the opposite way. And even if you do use a GPS mapping program, a compass is a good back-up to make sure you’re always riding it the right direction.

The Quest Compass works with other “toys” too, like a boat, RV, ATV, and of course your car, which will help you justify the $90 to $140 price tag depending on the mount and finish you want.

Learn more at There’s a nice video showing all its features.

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