Video Review: Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers for Small and Big Hands

Dial in the right reach on your motorcycle

Adjustable brake and clutch levers are standard fare on most sport touring motorcycles, sportbikes, and some metric cruisers. But on Harley-Davidson models as well as the new Indian motorcycles, the levers from the factory are not adjustable, so riders with smaller hands (a lot of women) struggle to reach the brake and clutch levers. Even riders with bigger than average hands or very long fingers arent comfortable pulling in levers at the stock setting.

A rider with small hands will have to lift his or her hand off the handgrip to effectively extend fingers to the levers and this can compromise comfort and safety for handling the rider controls.

adjustable brake and clutch levers for small and big hands
Hog Leverage brake and clutch levers for Harley-Davidson motorcycles lets the rider customize the reach from the handgrip to the lever by dialing in the setting to one of eight positions.

Hog Leverage, a company we’ve told you about before, makes aftermarket levers that are adjustable to several different positions. And theyll soon be releasing adjustable levers for a couple of new Indian Motorcycle models.

Hog Leverage offers a lever that adjusts using a small knob to change the setting of the lever in relation to the grips. Each lever has eight adjustment positions. The number 6 adjustment position corresponds roughly to the stock lever position with the 7 and 8 positions extending the grip-to-lever distance. Positions 1 through 5 allow the lever to be moved closer to the handgrip for to a better and more comfortable fit for riders with smaller hands or shorter fingers.

These levers are available for most Harley-Davidson models including the late FLT/FLH touring bikes. Hog Leverage has compiled an extensive database of lever fits for most Harley-Davidson models and is happy to help in ensuring the correct fit for your year and model.

Hog Leverage levers are manufactured by Coast Fabrication, Inc., and operate out of its headquarters in Huntington Beach, California. The company imports high-quality levers manufactured by Oberon Performance in England and assembles them in their U.S. shop.

adjustable brake and clutch levers for small and big hands woman
The Hog Leverage levers, shown here in black finish, not only reduces the reach from the stock setting, but can also extend the reach from the stock setting for those with exceptionally long fingers.

Make sure to ask for the exclusive WRN discount of 10% off when ordering!

The levers come in chrome or black finish with your choice of colors for the adjustment knob. The Hog Leverage lever in chrome finish retails for $152.58. Each black-finish lever currently retails for $134.63. Double the price for a pair—both the brake and clutch levers.

Installation instructions are included with the levers, but the company recommends a trained technician install them for you. Whether you feel competent enough to install them yourself or opt for a technician, installation and adjustment should take no more than 30 minutes. Visit for more information, or call Gary Donahoe at 714.842.2603.

adjustable brake and clutch levers for small and big hands black finish
The fit and finish of the Hog Leverage levers, manufactured by Oberon Performance in England, is very high quality.
adjustable brake and clutch levers for small and big hands chrome finish
Hog Leverage aftermarket adjustable brake and clutch levers, shown here in chrome, allow the rider to choose a custom color for the adjustment knob.

Adjustable Indian Motorcycle Levers on the Way!

Hog Leverage is currently testing adjustable clutch levers for the Indian Chief and Chieftain models. (These bikes come equipped with adjustable brake levers from the factory.) Availability is planned for late summer 2015, and the new levers will visually match the stock Indian levers.

Additionally, both brake and clutch levers for the Indian Scout are also in development (neither lever is adjustable on the stock bike,) with late 2015 targeted for release. Fit, function, and appearance will be extensively tested and refined before the levers are released. The Indian levers will be 100 percent American made. Check back in atHogLeverage.comfor more information.

adjustable brake and clutch levers for small and big hands indian chieftan
The Indian Chieftain does not come with an adjustable clutch lever so Hog Leverage will soon be releasing one for it.
adjustable brake and clutch levers for small and big hands indian scout
Coming soon are adjustable brake and clutch levers from Hog Leverage for the Indian Scout.

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17 thoughts on Video Review: Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers for Small and Big Hands

  1. Would this application work for a 2014 Yamaha Stratoliner?

    1. Hi Peggy,The company’s web site only shows this product as being applicable for Harley-Davidsons. Maybe if you give Hog Leverage a call, they can help you out. Let them know you saw the article on Women Riders Now. The phone number is on the company’s web site.Good luck!

  2. Do have the clutch and brake levers for my HD Street XG 500?Thanks,Ted

  3. I’ve been needing something for my 1100 Honda ACE.

  4. I want/need these so bad but my Harley dealer says they don’t make them for my HD Street 500! I’m so bummed.

    1. Contact the Hog Leverage folks directly. Website at end of the story, and ask them about fitting this to your motorcycle.

  5. I purchased a 2016 Harley-Davidson Freewheeler trike and have been told at the dealership that the “reach adjustable” levers only work on two wheel bikes not trikes. Will your brake and clutch levers work with my trike? I am desperate to get relief as I have child-size hands that just don’t fit the standard equipment.

    1. MeriJoy,I recommend calling the folks at Hog Leverage to get the correct answer. I believe they will work. Here’s their website. If you tell them you heard about them from Women Riders Now, you will get 10 percent off.

  6. I purchased my Hog Lever more than two years ago and it’s the best investment for my Harley-Davidson Sportster XLC 1200. At 4 feet 10 inches tall, it’s a helping hand I need to ride. Now if I could only get the seat tweaked I’d be happy. And yes I’ve contacted several recommended companies, but no luck yet. Anyway the levers are fantastic.

  7. Contact Oberon Performance company in England via email, as I did, and I am pretty sure they have these for other bikes also. I wanted to see if the Calif. firm had the same price and they do, so I went with them for my HD Free Wheeler. I am 4 feet 11 inches and 125 pounds so need all the help I can get!

  8. Is there a way to be notified when the levers are available for the Indian Chief (Dark Horse)?

  9. I have pretty small hands with short fingers and I’m disappointed that Hog Levers are only made for Harleys (and soon Indian) and not other metric cruisers. I ride a Honda Shadow Phantom and have been struggling with my clutch lever. I found only one company ( that made a universal adjustable lever but even at the closest setting it’s still a stretch for my small hands. I had my mechanic pull in the cable ever so slightly just to give me a slightly easier reach but I still need it closer. Next step will be to change out my grips which should allow an extra 1/4 inch. Hoping this will do the trick. I’m off to an eight-day trip towards the end on the month, so wish me luck since I’m not likely to find thinner grips in time. Safe riding! See you on the road!

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