Product Review: Icon Overlord Type 1 Jacket

A women’s riding jacket saturated in a “My Little Pony” color scheme may appeal to some women riders, but that bright pink or baby blue is just as likely to elicit eye rolls from others. That duality is what provoked Icon to tactfully revamp its jackets, replacing what many think of as “girly” colors with what the company refers to as “power” colors. After all, that’s what women riders are—empowered!

PRODUCT REVIEW WITH VIDEO: Icon 1000 Federal Jacket

As if Icon’s motorcycle riding gear wasn’t edgy enough, for 2012 the company introduced the Icon 1000 collection, upping the ante on its already stylish riding outerwear. The finest leathers, textile and armor are used in every Icon 1000 garment, and the women’s Federal Jacket, the only women’s outerwear item in the Icon 1000 collection, is no exception.

PRODUCT REVIEW WITH VIDEO: Women’s Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Those who like to wear denim while riding know its difficult to find a riding jean that provides adequate protection without adding too much bulk. In this article, we review two pairs of “lighter” riding jeans from Icon and Gravitate Jeans—do they achieve the elusive middle ground? Check out our review, plus a bonus video from WRN Editor Genevieve Schmitt.

Gift Guide: Deals and Sales Exclusively for WRN Readers

Women Riders Now (WRN) is kicking off the Winter season with our quarterly gift guide of exclusive deals on motorcycle-inspired products just for WRN readers. You wont find these anywhere else, so if youre reading this page, you can take advantage of these deals. Just follow the instructions for each item when ordering. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for loved ones, thanks for shopping here!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Icon Stryker Vest

I’ve had my fair share of falls and crashes with my motorcycle, but having the right gear to protect my body made all the difference when it came to recovery. If anything was loose or too big, I paid for it. Luckily, that was back before gear manufacturers began to focus on the needs of women riders and create gear that fits snugly and comfortably so women can have a safer ride.


The average female in the United States is about 5-foot-4—the average male, about 5-foot-10. The average sportbike rider is (overwhelmingly) male. You can see where I’m going with this. If you’re an average American female, go out and find a stock sportbike you can reach the ground on. Go ahead… I dare ya.

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