Product Review: Icon Justice Mesh Gloves

Comfortable and breathable, with quality to match

by Rachael Maltbie
Icon says, “Give us liberty or give us mesh.” Luckily the company was able to combine the two when it designed these Justice Mesh gloves for women motorcycle riders, as nothing is more liberating for summer riding than a pair of comfortable shorty gloves that breathe.
The Icon Justice Mesh gloves are comfortable and breathable, perfect for a summer afternoon ride.
The goatskin leather provides protection while keeping the glove light and stretchable.

With a back made of high-flow mesh and a premium-grade, abrasion-resistant battlehide goatskin palm, these gloves combine form with function at an affordable price. The woman-specific design uses a precurved palm and fingers so hands can easily reach from grip to lever.

With leather at the fingertips and palms, the gloves allow for a reassuring grip on the bars.

The gloves synthetic leather finger gussets provide a more secure feel, while expansion panels on the fingers, back of the hand, and thumb make movements at the bars seem effortless. Injected thermoplastic knuckle armor adds a last defense to separate mesh from pavement in the event of an accident.

The seams where the mesh meets the leather are secure and durable.

The Justice Mesh gloves for women feel good around my hands, thanks largely to the ventilation and their snug fit in the palm and fingers. However, at the thumb knuckle there is a bit of a squeeze where the mesh meets the leather, which can be a tad annoying. Also be sure to note that the gloves seem to run small, so double-check the sizing chart on Icon’s website to ensure you get the right fit.

The Velcro straps are reliable, and the glue did not degrade in the heat. For mesh gloves, these are surprisingly resilient in terms of wear and tear.

Its not just the ventilation and comfort that keep me coming back to these gloves—I also love their look and their quality. The bright-pink color begs attention but complements the black goatskin leather, rather than overwhelming it. And while most shorty gloves Ive owned have fallen apart at the seams in a relatively short amount of time, the Icon Justice Mesh gloves have held fast in the several months that Ive owned them.The stitching where the mesh material meets the goatskin leatheris secure, and theres been no sign of fraying or ripping. The Velcro straps, too, have held up like a charm, securing firmly as opposed to other gloves I’ve tried, where the Velcro severed due to heat or repeated use.

These gloves go great with the Icon Overlord Type 1 jacket, with a solid and comfortable fit from the wrist to the sleeve of the jacket.

The Icon Justice Mesh gloves are available in pink and black in sizes S–2XL. Price is $60 a pair. To find out more, visit

4 thoughts on Product Review: Icon Justice Mesh Gloves

  1. Do they have them in red and black? I have a red and black biker jacket and would love to have some to match? Good review.

    1. The Icon Justice Gloves come in solid black in addition to the pink and black color we reviewed.

  2. Icon, please stop the pink theme. Many women would never buy anything pink including me.

  3. Thanks for the review on these. I actually bought a black pair of these before a motorcycle trip in August and I love them. They’re definitely not cold weather gloves; although they were fine for August riding in Washington State and Vancouver, BC. I have short, rather chubby hands/fingers and these gloves were the best fit. It is nice to own a pair of gloves where I don’t have a half to full inch of finger empty because my fingers are short. They also are more flexible than other gloves I tried on offering the same protection.I didn’t notice the thumb squeeze you mentioned, however, I’ve never had such a snug pair of motorcycle gloves and that took a bit to get use to. They also stretched out a bit after riding (not much though) that made them more comfortable to me.They also are excellent for riding around my current home state of Florida and after several months they are still holding up well. I love your reviews. Keep them up. (I’m still on the quest for the perfect boot – one for short feet and fat calves!)

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