REV’IT! Sand 4 H2O Ladies Jacket, Pants, and Gloves

Rev’It!’s Sand 4 H2O is a comfortable and functional all-weather textile suit built for women riders who love to explore the great outdoors on two wheels. Check out Sarah Schilke’s test of the complete outfit for riding on and off the road.

New Glove Styles from Racer Brand

Racer Gloves is one of the few companies making womens specific glove styles cut to fit the smaller hand of women riders. Weve featured the companys styles before on WRN. Just released are two new styles, one womens specific for riders who want hard core protection; and a unisex style thats lightweight and designed for adventure riding.

New Womens Motorcycling Gear Collection Debuts

Held USA is now offering a wide range of womens motorcycling gear including jackets, pants, gloves, boots, and armored casual wear. The expanded womens collection, that we at Women Riders Now are so excited about, includes textile, leather, and denim pieces, offering motorcycle clothing choices for every type of riding and sense of style.

Why Motorcycle Gloves Are So Misunderstood

Two pieces of riding gear garner the most opinions from riders: helmets and gloves. I either see a rider not wearing any protective gear including no gloves, or a rider wearing every piece of protective gear, but still no gloves. Why is this? I decided to ask the one guy I know who eats, breathes and sleeps gloves, Lee Block, owner of Racer Gloves USA, the US importer of this leading Austrian glove brand.

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