Review: Gloves for Warm and Cold Motorcycle Riding

BMW has thought of everything!

By Liz Jansen, photos by Tricia Szulewski

Touring across the continent through all kinds of weather and stretching the season to the extremes, I ask a lot from my riding gloves. They have to protect me from the road and what it throws at me, allow flexibility and dexterity in managing my motorcycle, and keep my hands comfortable in heat, cold and rain. I depend on my hands working properly to operate the motorcycle, and when I’m not riding, they perform a whole lot of other important functions.

As with all of my motorcycle riding gear choices, my goal is to get the most function from the fewest pieces. The ProSummer and ProWinter gloves from BMW meet my high standards, and I had the opportunity to review both this last riding season.

review gloves for warm and cold motorcycle riding ProSummer
The lightweight ProSummer gloves come in a ladies cut and they fit me perfectly being true to size. Made from a goatskin leather and stretch nylon mix, they’re breathable, supple and allow full dexterity.

The liner on the ProSummer is soft and comfortable and stays with the glove making it easy to pull on and off even when the exterior is wet. In hot weather, hands perspire—because it’s hot with or without gloves. The lining wicks the moisture away, cooling and keeping your hands comfortable as it does.

The soft padding across the knuckles on the back of your hand and fingers offers protection without restricting movement. Additional reinforcement protects areas of your hands that are most likely to contact the ground in the event of a fall. Substantial reflective inserts add conspicuity, and the index-finger rubber wiper comes in handy to wipe rain and mist off your helmet face shield.

review gloves for warm and cold motorcycle riding adjustable cuff
The adjustable cuff means the ProSummer gloves will fit over whatever jacket you’re wearing.

Additional protection is designed into the palm, while keeping it crease-free. Padding at the heel is placed right where it needs to be to protect you from the road. An additional leather layer between thumb and index finger adds comfort for gripping handlebars and operating controls in all day riding.

review gloves for warm and cold motorcycle riding wrist adjustment
The wrist adjustment can be undone to put them on, and then tightened up for a snug fit. Even when you’re wearing the other glove, it’s easy to don and adjust the other glove. You can see the generous reflective panels, and the rubber wiper on the index finger here.

The ProSummer gloves are guaranteed to be wind and waterproof and I tested that extensively several times. After riding in all-day rain, my hands stayed completely dry. These gloves were comfortable in weather from hot to the low 50s, when it was time for me to switch to the ProWinter gloves.

review gloves for warm and cold motorcycle riding ProWinter BMW
Made from a combination of leather and fabric, the ProWinter gloves from BMW have thermal insulation and a longer gauntlet. Initially they felt a bit bulky, but after a short period of riding with them, they adjusted to my hand nicely.

The ProWinter gloves come only in unisex sizes, but a 7-7 ½ fit was fine for me. Padding across the knuckles is stitched to enhance dexterity so you don’t even know it’s there. Extra reinforcement is sewn onto places most likely to contact the ground in the event of a fall. It’s got nice looking lines for a slim, streamlined look and feel.

review gloves for warm and cold motorcycle riding conditions BMW palm
Strategically-placed soft padding on the heel of the palm and an additional leather layer enable you to grab the handgrips without the material creasing. Creasing at the palm leads to bulkiness and a reduction in the sensation of holding the grip. Leather treatment on the fingertips provides an excellent grip that actually improves when wet. Velcro straps on the wrists and cuffs allow you to adjust to size in those places.

review gloves for warm and cold motorcycle riding ProWinter cuff
The ProWinter glove has an inner cuff that fits up snugly around your jacket sleeve. While it’s easy enough to get the first glove on, the second is a bit more cumbersome because your free hand is gloved. I’ve found that folding back the outer cuff (shown here) before putting your hand in makes it a lot easier. Once the inner cuff is in place, fold the outer cuff back up and it zips up easily.

The same cozy fleece lining in the ProSummer gloves is also found in the ProWinter gloves. It stays in place when taking off the gloves. A rubber wiper on the index finger, and two small suede patches on the thumb do an excellent job of keeping your visor clear in wet weather.

I wore these gloves through extended periods of cold and rain and was comfortable and dry in close to freezing temperatures. I reluctantly switched to heated gloves at that point, but have since purchased Powerlet’s glove liners, which fit easily into either of these pairs of gloves. I’m now good to ride in temperatures well below freezing. These gloves are so water tight and comfortable, that I found this combination is a far better choice than my “waterproof” heated gloves, which keep my hands warm, but not dry, and take up valuable storage space.

review gloves for warm and cold motorcycle riding BMW Liz Jansen
The reflective strips on the ProWinter gloves are well located along the sides to be visible to cross-traffic, and especially eye-catching when using hand-signals. These gloves are designed for safety and comfort in weather when other traffic may not expect you on the road, so this additional conspicuity is welcome. I am also wearing the BMW TourShell jacket reviewed here on WRN.

Both the ProSummer and ProWinter gloves have well thought out designs and finely crafted seams which you don’t notice unless you think about them. At $129 and $149 respectively, these are premium products that pack value and function into every stitch. I can replace my heated gloves with the very thin Powerlet heated liners and with these two pairs of gloves I’m good to go for the season. Bring on the weather! For more information and to find a retailer near you, visit for a list of dealers near you.

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1 thought on Review: Gloves for Warm and Cold Motorcycle Riding

  1. One wonders if you’ve worn the same Pro Summer gloves as those available to the consumer! I’ve had two pair, both of which had the same issues. (I bought one, the second was a gift.) First, while I suppose you are technically “dry”, the entire glove, other than the thin liner next to your skin, is soaked. You feel wet, and you feel cold. Then, contrary to your review, when wet, the liners of both pair, came out with my hands when I removed the gloves! Trying to replace the inside-out very thin membrane into a wet glove, with now wet hands, is impossible. Plus, both pair had finger seams rip open because there wasn’t enough material captured by the stitching. As I rarely need rain gloves, both pair were just out of warranty before first use – and first failure. I doubt both pair together have more than five hours of wear, as they failed on first use, and I fortunately carried back-ups. BMW’s response to 100 percent failure of two pair of clearly defective gloves? “Out of warranty.” The Pro Summer gloves are fine, unless you actually get them wet. Afterwards, they are useless junk. I’ve had better service from gloves costing a third the price. I also own a pair of Pro Winter gloves, which it hasn’t yet become cold enough to need. Rest assured, should that need arise, based on my Pro Summer experience I will surely carry a back-up pair….just in case.

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