Review: Comfortable, Functional Inexpensive Womens Motorcycle Gloves

Hot Leathers has the perfect gloves for those who don't like to wear them

By Tricia Szulewski, Assistant Editor

The very first piece of motorcycle gear I ever bought, before taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundations Basic RiderCourse, was a pair of motorcycle gloves. Protecting the body part that allows me to ride, as well as work, eat, brush my teeth, etc. is a top priority for me.

Having no clue as to what features to look for, I ended up with a basic pair of gloves very similar to Hot Leathers Ladies Driving Gloves reviewed here. These are ideal for riders just getting started building their motorcycle wardrobe, as well as those who dont like to wear gloves at all. These functional budget-priced leather gloves are worth having with you at all times on your motorcycle.

review comfortable functional inexpensive womens motorcycle gloves hot leathers
Hot Leathers Ladies Driving Gloves are available in two options: black leather with light pink piping and stitching, and black with purple stitching and piping shown here. Theres no all-black option in these particular gloves.

review comfortable functional inexpensive womens motorcycle gloves purple
At an entry-level price point of just under $30, these no-frills gloves will effectively protect your hands from the sun, wind, bugs, and flying rocks. And should you go down of simply fall over with the bike, your hands are the often the first body part to hit the pavement. Leather provides a protective abrasion barrier.

review comfortable functional inexpensive womens motorcycle gloves palm
Available in sizes small to extra large, my usual womens glove size, large, fit perfectly and the gloves felt comfortable the moment I put them on.

review comfortable functional inexpensive womens motorcycle gloves lightweight leather
The gloves feel great to wear thanks to the suppleness of the lightweight leather, as well as the thin fleece lining that feels extra soft against the skin.

review comfortable functional inexpensive womens motorcycle gloves flex
New leather gloves often require a break-in period; the leather is stiff and pulls on the skin when squeezing in the clutch and brake levers. This is not the case with these Hot Leathers gloves. I like that they flexed easily as soon as I began wearing them.

review comfortable functional inexpensive womens motorcycle gloves finger
The only slight discomfort I felt was in the tip of my right forefinger, where the seams all join together. There is a little too much extra material there that can be annoying to feel. Turning the finger inside out and repositioning the fleece liner helped a bit.

review comfortable functional inexpensive womens motorcycle gloves fleece lining
The fleece lining is cozy and, although its not stitched to the leather in the fingers, it stays in each finger when pulling off the gloves. Hopefully, as I wear the gloves more and they age, the lining will stay in place.

Hot Leathers website indicates that the fleece lining make these gloves suitable for cold weather riding. The term “cold” means different things to different people. I would only consider wearing these gloves in temperatures between about 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The inexpensive gloves have no venting features or moisture-wicking properties, and the lightweight fleece lining isnt suitable for more severe cold-weather protection.

review comfortable functional inexpensive womens motorcycle gloves cuff
The gloves short gauntlet fits easily under a jacket cuff.

review comfortable functional inexpensive womens motorcycle gloves gauntlet
The zipper on the top side of the hand helps if you want to get a sleeve cuff under the gauntlet, but isnt necessary for getting the gloves on or off.

review comfortable functional inexpensive womens motorcycle gloves zipper
A strip of purple leather is thoughtfully attached to the zipper so its easy to grip with the other gloved hand.

review comfortable functional inexpensive womens motorcycle gloves stitching
Extra pieces of leather are double-stitched into the palm and thumb areas for added strength in places that experience extra pressure when holding the handgrips. The elasticized wrist helps keep wind from flowing up inside the gloves to the hands.

At Women Riders Now we recommend that all riders wear gloves, and it baffles us when we see those who ride gloveless. Riders tell us they dont like wearing gloves because theyre too bulky and they cant “feel” the controls; or gloves are simply too hot to wear, or they cost too much.

These basic leather riding gloves from Hot Leathers solves two of these three issues. Theyre not bulky so you wont lose sense of the hand controls, and theyre budget-priced at just $29.95. The fleece lining makes them a little warm for 80-degree and higher weather, but should temps drop suddenly when a storm rolls in, youve got gloves to keep your hands warm.

Hot Leathers has packed in a lot of benefits into a basic pair of leather gloves. The fact that they are so comfortable and require absolutely no break-in makes them a good buy for riders needing simple, no fuss coverage for the hands.

Now remember, these are not waterproof and dont have hard impact protection, venting, or breathable features, but these Ladies Driving Gloves from Hot Leathers are really comfortable in moderate temperatures and squish up small enough to store in a bag to carry along as a spare.

Click this link to order the gloves online.And use the code “WRN” to receive free shipping.

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5 thoughts on Review: Comfortable, Functional Inexpensive Womens Motorcycle Gloves

  1. I always wear gloves. But mens. Not a choice. I would love to wear some with other colors other than black. However, it’s difficult, if not impossible to find some that are large enough. I wear a comfortable large in mens. It would be wonderful if the companies would make something for a woman who does not have the “typical” dainty hands.

  2. Love reading these articles. I have trouble finding gloves that fit snuggly and yet comfortably because I have long fingers. Either I have to go a size bigger than I like or else be uncomfortable with the fingers not coming all the way up to my hand. Do these gloves “fit” the bill or any others that you can recommend?

    1. Hi Gail,I too have long fingers. I was happily surprised when these gloves fit me without the tips of my fingers getting squished. My best advice is to continue trying on gloves until you find “the pair.” Stick with women’s gloves whenever possible, as men’s gloves tend to be wider around the hand.

  3. A way to convince women to wear gloves when riding a motorcycle (or bicycle) is to think about the damage the sun and wind does to your hands. No expensive hand cream or manicure can undo that. For the same reason I lower my visor at all times!This has nothing to do with safety but might do the trick, I convinced a couple of girlfriends already.

  4. I have a pair of these gloves with red piping and I love them. The leather is so soft and the lining is thicker for more cooler riding. They don’t interfere with using the hand controls as the leather is supple. I have a hard time finding winter gloves that aren’t bulky, but these keep my hands quite warm in above 45 to 50 degree temps. And they are quite pretty. Can match a riding jacket!

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