REVIEW: Waterproof Cool Weather Riding Gloves

Goatskin with protection

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

We’ve become big fans of Racer Gloves these days because this company is committed to making quality gloves that all riders can wear—plus, there are specific sizes for women. And yes, at the time of this review, Racer advertises with WRN, but that only means that the company is “putting its money where its mouth is,” and marketing specifically to women, which we can appreciate.

Racer’s Queen glove is made from soft and pliable goatskin leather with a waterproof Polymax brand membrane. The company even offers a five-year warranty on its waterproofing. Last fall, I reviewed a textile cool-weather waterproof glove from Racer called the Warm-up. The Queens feel “sturdier” because theyre leather and kept me slightly warmer.

Waterproof Cool Weather Riding Gloves
Racer’s Queen gloves have reinforcement on the palm and armor knuckle protection.
Waterproof Cool Weather Riding Gloves Racer Queen
The gauntlet style Queen motorcycle riding gloves go over your sleeve and are adjustable. The Racer brand logo is prominent on two places on the glove, as seen here on the right-handed glove.
Waterproof Cool Weather Riding Gloves velcro
A Velcro lined tab allows you to adjust the fit of the glove at the wrist.
Waterproof Cool Weather Riding Gloves fleece interior
A soft fleece with Iososoft brand insulation completely lines the inside of the glove. This is the softest material I’ve ever felt and kept me plenty warm in cooler spring riding temperatures.

Racer’s website indicates these gloves work well between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and while I don’t prefer to ride in that kind of weather anymore if I don’t have to, this statement is accurate. My hands did not get cold riding in 50-degree weather.

I’ve not tested the waterproofing because I’ve not worn them in the rain, but running the gloves under the faucet for a few moments, my hands stayed dry.

Sizing is true as I normally wear a women’s size large and the large fit me just right. One thing I appreciated with these gloves is that there wasn’t a lot of bulk in the palm and fingers so that I could still have a tactile sensation when holding the handgrips. Gloves that are too puffy don’t allow you to “feel” the controls.

Black is the only color offered in the Queen, and sizes range from XS to L. Price is $89.99. You can order directly from The company offers free shipping and hassle-free returns or exchanges.

Mention WRN and you’ll get a free pack of Cycle Wipes, moist towelettes designed to clean your windshield, helmet faceshield, goggles and even your hands!

Waterproof Cool Weather Riding Gloves short sport
I also had a chance to wear and review Racer’s Short Sport gloves, an adjustable mid-length gauntlet; they go just under your sleeve. A Kevlar palm, knuckle armor and leather reinforcements offer lots of protection. These are no longer being produced, but there are still some sizes available.

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1 thought on REVIEW: Waterproof Cool Weather Riding Gloves

  1. I am so happy to see a women’s glove that has some protection. I always wear gear and armor in jackets as well as gloves. I want something to protect knuckles and palms. I have to say Harley has only dressy gloves for women. Most of their clothes are thin and n where near as protective as the men’s. This is true for gloves and jackets. Most of their gloves are soft lambskin leather with no protection. Yes they are nice, but not for riders (even if you are a passenger). I ride and want to be as protected as any man. So come on folks — let’s get more gear made for small-handed women Yea! Thanks Racer!

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