Review: Weego Motorcycle Battery Jump Starter

Why I never ride without my JS6 now, a necessary gadget to own

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
I’m excited to share about a product I never ride without now. It’s a jump starter for my motorcycle’s battery. Quite frankly, I never knew what one was and why I needed it until I met Weego company representatives at the AIMExpo last year and shot a video demonstration of their product, which you can see here.

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In the past when my motorcycle battery was dead, I jump started it using jumper cables connected to a car’s battery that was not running. If there was any juice left in the motorcycle battery, this got the engine started.
But this is the hack way of getting a motorcycle battery jumped and is really not safe for the battery because the higher voltage of the cars battery could burn out the motorcycle’s battery.

review weego motorcycle battery jumpstarter
The contents of the box for the Weego JS6 model I tested includes connectors to charge a cell phone and tablet using the white cables shown in the center.

Weego is a clever, easy-to-remember name of a company that started making portable battery jump starters for powersports equipment a few years ago. I was given a JS6 model, which is the standard model for motorcycles, to test for the summer. But to review it adequately, I must have a dead motorcycle battery. Since I’m so good at motorcycle maintenance I knew I wouldn’t be testing this on my own motorcycle, so I carried the small device with me in my motorcycle’s saddlebags all summer hoping I’d run into someone with a dead battery. I never did.

review weego motorcycle battery jumpstarter cables
I hooked up the Weego JS6 to my motorcycle’s battery that is located under my seat just so you could see how portable the device is and how the cables connect to the battery.

Fortunately, I did have the opportunity to try out the Weego JS6 jump starter with my Toyota Tundra truck battery, which kept dying because of faulty wiring I’d later find out. Specs on the JS6 say it works on gas engines up to 4.6L. My Tundra’s engine is a 5.7L. My husband and I thought we had nothing to lose if the jump starter didn’t work so we gave it try.

review weego motorcycle battery jumpstarter automotive
We hooked up the Weego jump starter to the car battery following the instructions, turned on the car and wham! The car started. Two other times when the automotive battery was dead, the tiny little JS6 got the 5.7L engine started. Its that powerful. Whoohoo!

We kept the jump starter in our glove compartment until our mechanic could fix the faulty wiring. Knowing it started my truck battery, I was assured it would start my motorcycle’s battery so for that reason, I never leave home on my motorcycle without it.

review weego motorcycle battery jumpstarter detail
The Weego JS6 jump starter is approximately 5 inches by 3 inches, the same size as a 5×3-inch photo. Its as thick as a half a deck of cards, and is the weight of a cell phone. It fits easily in a large back pocket or a purse.
review weego motorcycle battery jumpstarter charger
It takes only about three hours to charge the JS6 and holds the charge for many, many months. I received it in March and have only charged it once and it still has two out of four bars of charge left. Specs say it loses just 5 percent charge per month when not in use. I’d say that’s true.

Weego makes a variety of jump starters to power different size engines. The JS6 is for motorcycles and costs a reasonable $99. It also charges USB devices including a tablet, cell phone, and speakers, and has a built-in flashlight, so for those added benefits it’s an awesome gadget to always have with you. Visit to order and for more information.

review weego motorcycle battery jumpstarter js6
One is able to get multiple jumps from the same charge on the jump starter. This thing is so worth the money!

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6 thoughts on Review: Weego Motorcycle Battery Jump Starter

  1. Thank you for reviewing this charger. We are in the process of buying one and have been researching them. This one looks like the perfect item…great size and has many features.

  2. If my battery dies I can always pushstart my bike and pop the clutch. It works every time and doesn’t cost anything.

    1. That is one way to start a bike with a weak battery, but it’s not that easy for everyone. Especially if you don’t know how to bumpstart a bike or if you are riding a heavy bike, don’t have the strength, and don’t have a safe, long downhill slope to help. The Weego works well without having to face any of these challenges.

  3. My husband and I each purchased one of these great inventions. He bought the little heavier duty one (must be a guy thing) and I purchased the $99 one. He used his the other day to start his Suzuki V Strom 650 that he had not been started all year. Although the battery needed to be replaced (he found out later), the jump starter worked like a dream and was so easy to use. We sometimes travel separately so that is why we purchased two of them but they are so worth it. I would highly recommend this product for anybody that rides. They are even great to start a car! The size and portability is great that it is easy to carry it with me on my bike all the time. Don’t leave home without it.

  4. I really need one of these because it seems like my battery is always dead when I get a chance to ride. I’m going to save some money and get one.

  5. Nice! I just saw these at a local Harley dealership for $150 each. I’m definitely going to buy a set through the Weego site instead for $99. One for hubs bike too, you never know!

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