Film Review: The Gaskettes, including Trailer

Endearing documentary about moped-loving women that will make you smile

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Camaraderie, friendship, and fun!The essence of women who ride on two wheels is captured in an adorable 14-minute short film called “The Gaskettes.” After watching it, I found myself wishing I were 20 years younger, living back in Los Angeles, and hanging and riding with this vivacious group of extraordinary women.

the gaskettes review girls mopeds
A shot from “The Gaskettes” film: the girls get ready to take off on a group ride through L.A.

“The Gaskettes” call themselves a girl gang who love to ride—and work on—their vintage mopeds. Their motto is “swoon and destroy.” Clever!

the gaskettes review poster
“The Gaskettes” is the name of a group of women who ride mopeds together, captured in this endearing 14-minute documentary.
the gaskettes review riding mopeds
The short film documents an all-female crew of moped-loving, gold jacket-wearing playmates as they plan for their first Valentine’s themed inaugural group ride through Los Angeles.

In urban areas, mopeds are making a comeback and not surprising, the young women who gravitate to these vintage two-wheeled bicycles powered by a two-stroke lawnmower engine are not unlike their motorcycle-riding counterparts: outspoken, courageous, and full of life.

Check out the trailer for “The Gaskettes” here.
The fun part of watching this delightful little film is that the girls may remind you of your younger self, for those of us who are a little older. “Older” or young, you may just be inspired to start your own riding group after watching this.

Women Riders Now assistant editor Tricia Szulewski said this after seeing it for the first time. “These chicky-chicks are adorable! The one with the nose ring reminds me of myself a little, just her laid-back attitude.” She adds, “I had a Vespa moped way back when I was ‘between’ motorcycles. I remember getting it up to almost 30 mph going downhill. Ha ha! It was a blast!”

One of my favorite scenes is when the girls are deciding what name to call themselves. When you hear the other choices, Gaskettes seems brilliant!

“The Gaskettes” film was completed in 2013 and then went on the festival circuit. It’s now available to rent or purchase. “This was a pure passion project for us, and a lot of fun to shoot,” says Tammy, one of the filmmakers from The Stealth Crew, who shot and produced it. “We never expected to get this far with it.”
“The Gaskettes” is available to watch on iTunes at this link, and on Amazon at this link.
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  1. They really are super cute! And they look like they are having a blast!

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