PRODUCT REVIEW WITH VIDEO: Women’s Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Finding the middle ground

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Gravitate Jeans
The main thing you need to know about Gravitate Jeans is that they are American made. That’s a big deal to some folks these days—and it will explain the price tag when I share it at the end of this review.

WRN Editorial Assistant Amy Mortensen wears Gravitate Jeans, shown here in Indigo. The boot cut jeans have standard styling and a slimming shape.
The back pockets have button closures, so items you store there are more likely to stay put while you’re riding.
The denim in Gravitate Jeans is high quality and made of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent Lycra. I love this combination of fabric. The Lycra gives the cotton some stretch, which is important when sitting for long hours in the saddle.
What differentiates these jeans from a pair of Levis or any other jean not made specifically for motorcycle riding is the slightly higher rise in the back (as shown in the video) and a piece of stretchy fabric that runs the length of the legs, a signature of Gravitate Jeans.
Here you can see the panel of slightly darker, stretchy fabric that runs along the inside of the leg.

The jeans hit just below the hip, which seems pretty standard for jeans these days. The front falls flat against the waist, so there’s no bunching there. I washed these like I would any other pair of jeans—inside out, warm water, tumble dry low—and they held up as expected.

Gravitate Jeans are available in waist sizes 27 to 34 and inseam sizes 32 and 34. I found they are true to size. Colors are Indigo and Black. Price is $124. Ahhh, I can hear the whining now! Yes, that’s high for a riding-specific jean that does not have any abrasion-resistant features. However, jeans that are 100 percent made in the United States cost more because labor costs in this country are higher. To that end, these are high-quality jeans with reinforced stitching and sturdy denim. Plus, the slimming boot cut flatters a woman’s figure. It’s evident that a lot of time went into getting the cut just right.
I hate to admit that jeans are the only type of pant I wear when riding on warm days. My leather chaps and leather pants make things too hot. Gravitate Jeans have replaced my Levis, Wranglers and Miss Me jeans when I’m riding long hours in the saddle. The stretchy fabric really keeps me comfortable overall. Visit for more information.
Icon Hella Heartbreaker Pants
When my Gravitate Jeans are dirty, I reach for my Icon Hella Heartbreaker pants, and vice versa. The Hella Heartbreakers are more comfortable than jeans lined with Kevlar and cost half the price.
The Icon Hella Heartbreaker pants are boot cut with a “sport” fit, so they’re not as tight (or sexy) as the Gravitate Jeans. They hit at the hips and fall flat against the waist.
Here you can see the higher rise in the back. The styling
of the pants is fairly basic.
The knees are lined with Aramid, an abrasion-resistant fabric that has a soft, cotton-like feel to it. Unlike full-protection Kevlar-lined jeans, the Heartbreaker pants do not have additional protective panels in the crotch or thighs. The lack of extra fabric in those places makes the Heartbreaker jeans feel less thick and keeps the price down as well. Like I say in the video, the Hella Heartbreakers find some middle ground between bulky, Kevlar-lined riding jeans and flimsy, zero-protection jeans.
The Aramid fabric inside the jeans protects the knees. The pockets are lined in red.

The left back pocket is adorned with a subtle graphic
of wings on a spark plug and what looks like a black
etching of the number 13.
A heart with “heartbreaker” stitched on it peeks out
from the right front pocket.
I couldn’t find a tag on the jeans or on Icon’s Web site describing what fabric combination the Hella Heartbreaker pants are made of. It feels to me like a 98 percent cotton/2 percent Lycra mix, as there is a little stretch to the jeans. While the Hella Heartbreakers are definitely sturdy, the denim has a slightly thinner weave than the denim on the Gravitate Jeans.
Sizes for the Icon Hella Heartbreaker pants range from 0 to 14, with waist measurements ranging from 24 to 38 and inseam measurements from 31 to 33. Price is $84. I think it’s funny that, besides the size tag, the only label inside the pants reads, “Made in China.” Then, etched in black on the red pocket fabric right next to that label is the American flag and an outline of the United States. At least Icon is USA proud! Visit for more information.
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18 thoughts on PRODUCT REVIEW WITH VIDEO: Women’s Motorcycle Riding Jeans

  1. I stumbled upon your site because I was browsing other Kevlar jeans alternatives. I have been using Kevlar since I have been into motor bike riding (I have always gotten my kevlar jeans from ) and I am very interested to try out the Heartbreaker pants you featured! In that photo you posted, it looks very comfortable and I feel like the cloth is soft and easy to wear. I wonder if it’s also available in Australia or if the company ships there too? Thank you so much!

    1. Dealers in Australia are few and far between for Icon. A company representative suggests that you buy from an online retailer.Also, while the Hella Heartbreaker jeans are still available, they’ve been removed from Icon’s website temporarily.

  2. I looked for a decent pair of female jeans for a long time and settled on the jeans. They’re great, with three different hem options, Kevlar-lined at the hot spots, and pockets. The only downside that I’ve found, but it’s minor, is sitting on the pockets if I’m out for more than a couple hours. Expensive, but I figure that my knee’s and hips are worth more than $199.

  3. These sound great, but what about the bigger woman? We are not all size 14.

  4. I have a pair of Diamond Gusset Women’s Defender Jeans that I adore! They are very comfortable, have the Kevlar protection in all the right places, have a nifty Velcro tab at the ankle so they don’t flap while riding, and they are made in the USA! There is a gusset in the crotch that makes them very comfy while riding – somewhat the same idea as the stretchy fabric on the jeans in the video. They often have special sales/deals if you “like” them on Facebook or subscribe on their website:

  5. Jeans sure look impressive. Wondering if they fit true to size?

  6. I think I’d rather rock a pair of mesh riding pants, with wicking underwear beneath. They are cooler than any jeans, dry faster, have hip pads and CE knee armor.

  7. Thanks for the Hella info, but I’ll pass on the others for riding. There are a lot of stylish jeans out there, but why would anyone wear them on motorcycles without Kevlar protection? Kinda like going in a tee and gloveless and relying on the kindness of strangers.

  8. Is the web site down? I can’t acess it. 🙁

    1. No it is not. Please try a different browser if it’s not working.

  9. I have a pair of ladies kevlar jeans by Shift which are also nicely styled for women. They have a lot of protection in the hips, thighs, knees and rear which I like. True, they are a bit heavier than most jeans, but I don’t find them bulky or too hot in the warmer weather. I’ve worn them in 80 degree weather, but I do wear them more in the cooler temps.Funny thing is that I get compliments from non-rider women on the styling. They have nice topstitching, waist detailing and fit well. I may try the Icon jeans as well since they may be better for summer riding.

    1. We reviewed those jeans and agree with you on the styling. Unfortunately, Shift is no longer in business. It was a division a Fox Racing and the company decided to discontinue the line more than a year ago.

  10. I can’t see paying that kind of money for jeans, that is unreal. I will wear my regular $24 jeans with my chaps, thanks.

  11. I wear my skinny jeans with long t-shirts to be sure they are able to be tucked in and my half chaps. Safe, comfortable and cool. The half chaps keeps the rocks and bugs off my shins and knees and will protect my shins and knees if I fall. Plus I can easily remove them when going into eat etc. (not to mention going to the ladies room!).The skinny jeans are long and go over my boots – they tend to stretch and not bind and definitely stay put in heavy winds. Some of us women are small and the jean you showed us are still too bulky. I tried Draggin’ jeans and yes they are hot and bulky. Still waiting for a woman’s jean that is not something I’d see my brother wearing. I’m a girl rider – not a girl/guy rider. I own an orange 2001 Dyna. I love it.

  12. These sound like great riding jeans. I will have to try a pair.

  13. I thought that the article was outstanding! But I feel compelled to throw in another comment about protection. I think it’s pure folly to ride without it. In the summer I wear vented ballistic pants. They’re cooler than my Kevlar-lined jeans and my leathers, and really pretty comfortable on all but the very hottest of days. More importantly, I know that if some maniac, on two wheels or four, takes me out, my skin will be saved. Infection, resulting from loss of skin, is the third leading cause of death in motorcycle accidents.

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