New Riding Jeans, Plus Tees Inspired by Leslie Porterfield

Show your passion for motorcycling

These new products from Gravitate Jeans and Movoc 16:3 are all about letting you sport your passion on or off the road.
Gravitate Motorcycle Jeans
The new patent-pending motorcycle jeans from Gravitate Jeans are intended to be worn while riding. Made in the USA, the jeans are designed to reduce gathering, pulling and tugging in the legs, thighs and back seat area. The jeans are garment-dyed, pre-shrunk and enzyme-treated for consistent wear. Each pair is handcrafted using premium denim and reinforced stitching for extra strength and durability.
With firming and lifting technologies designed to reshape and enhance a woman’s natural curves,Gravitate Jeans claims to have fashioned the “ultimate design for women riders.
To celebrate the line’s launch, the company is offering new customers 15 percent off their first pair of Gravitate Jeans. To order, visit or email
Movoc 16:3 Leslie Porterfield T-Shirts
Tennessee-based apparel company Movoc 16:3 has teamed up with Leslie Porterfield to create these fun tees with tasteful styling and a technical flair.
Porterfield models one of the shirts she helped design for Movoc 16:3.

Porterfield is a multiple land speed record holder whosbeen namedthe world’s fastest motorcycling woman by Guinness World Records. This fall she’ll pilot a car at the Bonneville Salt Flats thats been designed to break the automobile world land speed record.

The “Porterfield Love Speed” tees retail for $18 and are available in womens sizes XS-2XL.
Porterfield, impressed with Movoc 16:3’s mens T-shirt designs, agreed to collaborate with the company on her own collection of motorcycle graphic shirts. The result is these fashionable and artistic tees with a silhouette of Leslie on her record-breaking Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. The all-cotton shirts are also adorned with Leslie’s signature and her legendary “1976” plate number.
Porterfield made her record-setting motorcycle run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2008, reaching a speed of 232.522 mph.

Founded in 2008, Movoc 16:3 is an apparel company that designs fashionable clothing for the image-conscious motorcycle enthusiast. Founder and CEO Chris Pease started the company to offer an alternative to the racy designs and verbiage found on some motorcycle-related apparel.

“I would rather offer fewer designs with more meaning and visual appeal than several which I feel aren’t true to the core of our creative process,” Pease said. “We want the experience and exhilaration of motorcycling to be felt through our products.”
Movoc 16:3’s Leslie Porterfield T-shirts can be purchased online at
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4 thoughts on New Riding Jeans, Plus Tees Inspired by Leslie Porterfield

  1. I read this article, and ordered the jeans. Thanks for the discount. I followed the instructions and measured myself. Placed the order and received them in two days. But I had to send back. My fault. You see I did not believe the instructions for the sizing. So do what it says and it will fit perfect. I called and they sent a new pair out in two days. I think I got mine in before they got theirs back. I love them. They feel great and boy you can really move in them, yet they do not have to stretch out before you can pick you leg up over your bike. They do make my butt look good too. That is always a plus. These don’t have to be riding only jeans. Recommend highly!

  2. I get all excited when I see an article about riding jeans and then as I read the article I find the jeans are only for small women. Come on people! We are not all size single digit! I have been riding for 20 years and will be grateful when writers realize the real world. Come on and do some research and find jeans for “real” women. Shame on you if you don’t.

    1. It’s not the writers who need to realize this, we know it already. I invite you to visit the series of articles we did called Gear Guide for Big Girls.It is the manufacturers who need to hear your comments. However, these jeans do go up to size 16 (that’s not single digit). That’s a 37-inch waist and 45-inch hip.

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