Ergo Handlebars for the Can-Am Spyder

Get the right fit on this unique three-wheeler

The HeliBars Roadster Handlebar Riser for the Can-Am Spyder improves comfort by relocating the stock handlebars and cover. CNC Machined from 6061 billet aluminum, the riser is designed to provide the rider with better handling ergonomics and greater low speed control.

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The HeliBars Roadster Handlebar Riser for the Can-Am Spyder.

HeliBars has designed these handlebars without changing the styling of the Spyder. The handle bars are designed so that you can retain the stock handlebar and all cables while making your grip 1 inch taller and 4.5 inches closer. The Roadster Handlebar also works with the BRP 1-inch over riser making your grip 2 inches taller and 5 inches back.

The HeliBars Riser allows you to keep the Can-Am Spyder stock handlebars, and just brings them closer to the rider.

Optional features include the power assembly adapter with Ram Mount Ball and power outlet to mount a GPS unit or satellite radio. HeliBars also carries plug options to fit the Powerlet brand of power accessories. In addition, the Roadster Riser works with the Corbin aftermarket fairing (when equipped with the stock bar clamp) designed for a smoother, quieter ride with maximum comfort.

The HeliBars power assembly allows the rider to mount a GPS unit or satellite radio.

For information on these handlebars and other HeliBars products visit, or call toll free 800.859.4642.

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4 thoughts on Ergo Handlebars for the Can-Am Spyder

  1. Best indepth review I have read about the Spyder.

    1. You may be referring to this article, which is actually one of our first reviews on the Spyder. Thanks for your comments.

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