New Butt-Friendly Motorcycle Saddles

The latest in comfort technology

Not long ago Ultimate Seats founder Des Hockley was just like all his customers: a biker with a back ache. He was on intimate terms with “butt burn,” a common problem that is caused by flat or forward-angled seats. The design causes the rider to slip forward. As a result, riders constantly feel the need to pull themselves back into the saddle, and this puts pressure on muscles and skin.

The Ultimate Seats four-piece set on a Yamaha Road Star.

In 2002 Hockley decided to take action after testing several of the most popular aftermarket seats with somewhat unsatisfying results. His experiment began by modifying stock seats. He eventually built his own seat after coming up with parameters that he pronounced “perfectly comfortable. Hockleys company, Ultimate Seats, now designs many saddles for a variety of touring bikes. The four-piece set includes a drivers seat, passenger seat and two back rests.

The Ultimate products are sloped back, creating an optimal “move angle” for the rider with adequate side clearance for the rider#39;s inner thighs, and back support is included for both rider and passenger.

Ultimate Seats uses memory foam for its products that has an optimal compression rate for the comfort of the rider. Ultimate Seats allows for a half-inch followed by some additional compression during the ride. This allows the seat to truly take the shape of the riders butt. The seats also come with a unique filling material.

The Ultimate Seats four-piece set on a Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail. The angle of the seat ensures the rider sits “in” the seat, not on it.

When creating a comfortable motorcycle seat, Hockley says the shape is very important. Most stock seats are either flat or slope forwards. The Ultimate Seats products are sloped back, creating an optimal “move angle” for the rider with adequate side clearance for the riders inner thighs. Equally important: with Hockleys invention, the rider sits in the seat, not on it; and back support is included for both rider and passenger.

For more information, visit or call 800.818.6868.

12 thoughts on New Butt-Friendly Motorcycle Saddles

  1. Your article and all the comments were very helpful. With the current woeful exchange rate and shipping costs we had to decide whether to part with the just over $1,300 per seat for our two Boulevards and you guys have pushed us over the line. Their first outing will be 5500 kms in the heat of an Aussie summer. Just like to say that Des was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Extremely prompt and helpful, very comfortable to do business with. From California to Oz about 8 days from the first email.

  2. Looks good. I have a Harley Heritage Softail and I will order a seat with the cool looking studs. Definitely the studs.

  3. I am definitely getting new seats, but I am wondering how do the Ultimate seats compare to the Mustang seats.

  4. The best thing about Ultimate Seats (besides the comfort) , is that they give you a 14 day trial period. If you are not comfortable, you can return them for a full refund.

  5. I emailed this company about Sportster seats. He told me they are planning on introducing them next year. Yea!

  6. Do they come without the studs on the ones for the Heritage?

  7. A comfortable seat is important on the longer trips, but as I have just hauled my 15-year-old trike out of moth balls and have reassembled it. I was minus a place to sit. Sticking with the concept of a “trike built only with junk,” I threw an old horse saddle in place of a padded seat. Oddly, the saddle seems to ride real smooth.

    I'll check back after my first 500 mile journey. I might end up ordering something such as what this article shows.

  8. Boy, do I know what they mean by butt burn. It gets so bad I have to stand up while riding to relieve the pressure. It's a shame you have to shell out big bucks and “hope” you bought the correct aftermarket seat. Naturally, only time in the saddle can truly tell if you made the right decision, and by that time, it's too late to return it if it's not. I just might have to look into this Ultimate Seat as I sure would like to be able to ride 200 to 300 miles without being in shear agony.

  9. Why can't they make one for an 89 Sportster? I just took a 600 mile trip, and I have to say my butt did hurt a tinch, plus if you are not in the saddle correctly, that is when the seam of the pants ride into the you know where place. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

  10. Ultimate Seats are fantastic. I had the stock seat on my 1300 Star Tourer and after just 100kms the bum was starting to ache. After 200km the burn was truly evident. After research on various web sites, I found the link for the Ulitimate site. Ordered up the four piece set and within one week I had it delivered to my door. Install was a breeze. We just did two days of more than 500km and no sore bum. Fits like a glove. I would recommend the Ultimate Seat to anyone. Heading to Sturgis from the West Coast and am truly looking forward to the ride.


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