Lower Your Harley-Davidson Touring Motorcycle

Having your feet flat on the ground, especially on the bigger touring motorcycles, is key to feeling comfortable and in control on your motorcycle. For motorcyclists who ride a Harley-Davidson touring motorcycle, like the Street Glide, Road Glide, and Electra Glide Ultra Classic, the Motor Company is now offering “Premium Ride” suspension components from its Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories.

Handlebars, Shocks Footpegs for Short and Tall Riders

Just like the three bears beds for Goldilocks, our stock motorcycles are just not right sometimes. Often its a matter of adjusting the handlebars, the footpegs or the shocks. Fortunately, Harley-Davidson is aware that not all riders are built the same, so over the last few years, engineers in the PA department have been designing various parts to accommodate shorter and taller-than-average riders. We also included something every rider should have—a set of auxiliary riding lights from Motolight.

Changing Your Motorcycles Shocks to Get Lower

A note from editor Genevieve Schmitt: One of the most common questions I’m asked is if changing out the stock suspension on one’s motorcycle to lower seat height will compromise ride quality. I’m answering the question here based on my experience riding 20 years and owning five motorcycles, followed by a more in-depth explanation by an expert of why and how this done by.

Air Suspension Lets You Adjust Height On the Fly

Air suspension kits, a system that allows a rider to adjust height of a bikes suspension manually by adjusting the amount of air compression in them, are all the rage right now and with for many women riders looking to get their motorcycles low to the ground, air suspension companies know women are a viable target market. Below is a press release and photos provided by one such company looking to target women riders

Options for Lowering a Motorcycles Seat Height

The search for a perfect-fitting motorcycle often feels like a Goldilocks-type hunt as a rider seeks a bike that feels “just right.” Seat height often emerges as a point of consideration and contention. Sitting flat foot on a motorcycle gives a rider many advantages, not the least being sure-footed confidence when coming to a stop, especially on hills, gravel roads or other unsettling situations.

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