Making a Road King Passenger-Friendly

The Harley-Davidson Road King is one of the most popular motorcycles for riding two-up. However, the stock bike is not set up for passenger comfort and security. We show you what you need to make your Road King passenger-friendly.

2006 Gold Wing Passenger Seat Test Ride

The Gold Wing has often been called the Cadillac of motorcycles. Riding on the back seat recently I could see why. The Gold Wing is the smoothest motorcycle Ive ever had the pleasure of riding. Having spent 4,000 miles in the front seat of a Gold Wing piloting it on a two-week trip two years ago, I was anxious to see what it would feel like perched on the back seat for this test ride.

The Ultimate Motorcycle Vacation Part 2

Ann reiterated that the best part of their journey was the unknown of each day. “What are we going to see today? Whos out there? Who are we going to meet?” When they left in May the weather was warming up, so they stayed in campgrounds half the time and moteled it or stayed with friends the other half. Progressing north and east, less time was spent in tents.

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