New Products for Summer: Headsets, Phone Mounts and More

Looking to accessorize your bike (or yourself) for the summer? The gadgets and motorcycle-themed apparel from these tried-and-trusted companies may be just what you need out on the road this riding season. Read on for the latest accessories and apparel on the market for women riders.

More Great Gadgets From The Robson Company

The Robson Company has improved the Thumbnail Extension, reviewed by WRN. So whats new? The Thumbnail Curve as its now called, is contoured making it even easier for those with shorter fingers to reach the turn signals. It covers the stock button better so when a rider with a short thumb reaches for the turn signal, the Thumbnail Curve extension is right within reach so the rider doesnt have to move his or her hand off the throttle or handgrip.

Customizing a Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Baggers, dressers, touring motorcycles—whatever you call these hard-saddlebag-wearing, rear-tour-pack-packing powerful machines, they are often the last motorcycle a rider will end up owning. Why? Because as solo riders, most of us dont choose a bike that has all that storage space and protection before we know we need it.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Thumbnail Extension for Small Hands

This is one of those products where you say “why didnt I think of that?” Well, Chris Robson and his team at the Robson Company solved a problem when one of their women rider staffers was having trouble reaching her motorcycles turn signal buttons. Her hands are too small to reach the turn signal on her Harley-Davidson without having to move her hand off the throttle or clutch which is not a good thing when youre riding. So the Thumbnail Extension was born.

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