Bling for Your Bike

Diamond Ice Collection debuts

Bling is all the rage for some women riders, and now Harley-Davidson riders can add some subtle shimmery pieces to parts of their motorcycle with the new Diamond Ice Collection. Take a look at a few items in the collection:

The fuel cap medallion features a rhinestone Bar Shield logo.
The speedometer gauge trim ring features a ring of rhinestones.

Other Diamond Ice pieces include a fuel tank console door cover for touring motorcycles and other gauge trim rings for use on touring motorcycles. Set against mirror-polished chrome, these crystal clear rhinestones add a brilliant flash, and dance in the direct sunlight. Chrome-plated rings include adhesive backing for easy press-in-place installation.

Rhinestones shine to make your license plate sparkle.
Rhinestones at the top of the license plate frame.

Depending on the model bike you have, theres a license plate frame with rhinestones at the top and one with rhinestones at the bottom. Stop by your local Harley dealer, or visit for more information.

7 thoughts on Bling for Your Bike

  1. My daughter blinged out her own derby cover. I am not sure how many crystals she used but she bought out all the stores in a 100-mile radius!

  2. I’m with Jill! I have a ’10 Street Bob and have added every Diamond Ice accessory available — gas cap cover, air cleaner, license plate holder, speedometer ring. I love it! And my bike is Denim Black. A derby cover and timer cover would be great.

  3. I have a ’08 Softail Deluxe. I’ve never done any personalizing to it, simply because the suede blue looks so original anyway, but also because I’m not so much into the cross bones, or the skulls, or the tribal looking flames, (don’t get me wrong, I love to look at them), etc. Then we were visiting the HD shop one day, and there was my answer to my bike! To make it a little more feminine. (Not girly, just softer around the edges.)I have the speedo ring, the gas cap, and the air cleaner cover. My next purchase will be the license plate holder. Then? Apparently, that’s it? ‘Cuz there isn’t a ring to go on my gas gauge, (that I have been able to find). No horn cover, no transmission cover. Oh there is definitely more that could be made and bought. I hope they’re listening.Like Jill said on this forum, “WHEN ARE THEY COMING OUT WITH MORE?!””

  4. I’ve bought all the diamond ice accessories I can for my ’10 Street Bob. When is HD coming out with more? Maybe for the derby cover…

  5. I just bought an 883 Sportster and ordered the gas cap and speedometer ring as well as the license plate holder. Am looking forward to riding my beautiful blingy bike.

  6. I just bought the gas cap cover and it really looks nice. My next piece will be the ring for the speedo. They really need to come out with one for the gas gauge that would really complete the gas tank area.

  7. I've already purchased my bling for my 09 Dyna, waiting for the snow to melt to get to my bike (motorcycle trailer is snowed in) to put them on!
    Waiting to see if they come out with something for the gas gauge. Other riders waiting for the dealer to order more!

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