Keeping Hands and Legs Warm on a Motorcycle

An alternative to heated gear

When it comes to shielding hands and legs from cold air, most motorcycle riders think of heated gear. But if you’re looking for cold-air protection free of batteries and wires, check out this new product from Leader Motorcycle Accessories.
Desert Digits Hand and Leg Protectors attach easily to any round bar on a motorcycle—no tools required. With their convex, elongated shape, the guards are designed to funnel air away from a rider’s hands and legs, keeping cold air, rain, bugs, and flying rocks at bay. The stainless steel, chrome-plated shields rotate freely and detach easily. Simply position them where you need them before your ride, and slip them into your saddlebag after.
Desert Digits Hand and Leg Protectors retail for $159.99 and are expected to begin shipping in early March.

WRN readers can enter a drawing to win a free pair of Desert Digits by placing an order before the guards start shipping in early March. If you’re the winner, Leader will refund your purchase and send you a free pair. You can also enter the drawing by visiting the company’s kiosk at any of the International Motorcycle Shows or at Daytona Bike Week.

Discount for WRN readers: Use the following codes to receive discounts on Web or phone orders.
  • Take $15 off one pair by using code DIG1 at checkout.
  • Take $40 off two pairs by using code DIG2 at checkout.
  • Take $20 off Desert Digits and Desert Dawgs Rain Guards by calling Leader directly.
For more information or to order, visit DesertDawgs.comor call 800.828.0844.
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