REVIEW: Waterproof Motorcycle Cover with Alarm

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By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

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Since I now own a brand new motorcycle I purchased my new 2008 Harley-Davidson Street Glide in the summer of 2008 I want the best cover out there to protect it while its parked in my garage as well as for when Im out on a road trip. Ive been a fan of the Guardian brand of covers for a long time because of the quality and durability. For my Street Glide I chose the Guardian WeatherAll Plus cover with the optional security alarm.

The Guardian WeatherAll covers Genevieve#39;s Street Glide. The black strap hanging from the bottom can be secured to the other side underneath the bike. I would use this only when there was a chance the cover could blow away. The silver plastic triangle on the top creates a pocket with a vent underneath for moisture and heat to escape.

The cover is made from a heavy-duty polyester fabric that feels thick and durable. Its completely waterproof. Not a drop of rain penetrated the ClimaShield Plus fabric treatment. Sometimes during hot summer rains, moisture can get trapped under the cover leaving your bike with a layer of moisture on it. Fortunately, this WeatherAll Plus cover has a venting system to let moisture escape.

The box cover for my WeatherAll Plus motorcycle cover.

Ill never buy a bike cover that does not have heat shields a layer of aluminized fabric sewn in right where the cover comes in contact with the exhaust pipes. If youve ever used a cheap bike cover, you know that heat from the exhaust pipes can melt the cover so you have to wait until the bike is completely cool before putting on the cover. The Guardian WeatherAlls heat protection layer means you can put on the cover when the bike is still warm.

The XL size cover fits completely over the Street Glide with room to spare.

The inside of the front part of the cover has a soft fabric that feels like fleece that covers your windshield. What a nice touch. The edge of the entire length of the cover is elastic so it fits securely over your bike. I like that the cover was big and deep completely covering my bike like it is in a cocoon. Not a spec of dust got in there from my bike being covered in my garage all winter.

Reinforced grommets on the edges are for stringing a cable lock underneath the bike to lock the cover to itself. I didnt use a cable lock because I opted for the alarm that comes with the cover. It goes off when someone attempts to remove the cover from your bike.

In this shot notice the soft white fabric on the upper left inside part of the cover that protects the windshield; the grommets are reinforced with rubber. In the lower right part of the inside of the cover is the black pocket where the alarm goes.

The alarm runs on a 9-volt battery and emits an ear-piercing 130 decibel screech of a warning to scare off potential thieves. The alarm fits in a pocket inside the front part of cover (shown in the above picture). A hook connected to the alarm also connects to a spot on your bike. I hooked it to my front brake disc because people usually go for one end of the bike first to remove a cover.

The second the cover is moved it pulls the hook activating the alarm. Fortunately, no one tried to remove the cover during my time using it on a road trip. In fact, Ive never had a problem with theft or the threat of theft of either my bike or bike cover. But the alarm adds peace of mind when youre in places where theft is an issue.

The alarm is housed in a small black box.

The Guardian Alarm (item number 26038-00) retails for $19.99; and the WeatherAll bike cover ranges from $84.99-$124.99 depending on the size you get. There is a size to fit nearly every motorcycle. A motorcycle cover can last a lifetime if you take care of it. I think this price is very fair for all youre getting.

The WeatherAll, like all of Dowco#39;s covers, comes with a storage bag. You really have to compress the cover to fit it in there, but it can be done. The storage bag is great for packing the cover for when you#39;re on a road trip.
The latest design feature added to the extra large bike cover is this zipper in the back to make putting the cover on and taking it off much easier.
If you don#39;t need a heavy-duty cover, Guardian makes the Ultralite Plus that protects against dust, sunlight and moisture, but is only water repellant, not completely waterproof. It will protect in light rain situations.
Here#39;s the Guardian Ultralite Plus all wrapped up in its cover. It#39;s priced starting at $52.99.

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4 thoughts on REVIEW: Waterproof Motorcycle Cover with Alarm

  1. I recently bought a Guardian cover for my new Suzuki Boulevard C50T. I am glad to read up on how great this cover is. It was recommended by the dealer. so far, it has certainly done the job!

  2. Where can I order this cover and get the free shipping?

  3. I have a Guardian cover for my 02 Super Glide and love it. We bought it at a fundraising auction. It keeps dust off better than the other cover I had. I don't have the alarm, but it does have the strap and grommets for securing the cover.

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