Everyday Miracles: Loosen Your Grip

No matter how long you’ve been riding a motorcycle, it’s likely that at one time or another you’ve found yourself riding with a very tight grip on the handlebars. Most times it’s when fear takes over or something triggers your anxiety level to go up.

Everyday Miracles: Limiting Distractions to Receive

It’s been almost a month since I wrote my last column; I had wanted to write this one sooner, but I kept getting distracted. Ahhh…distractions. The title of this column. It seems the time I devote to spiritual matters and the “care and tending of my soul” (I heard that once and loved it) is often low on the totem pole of my daily priorities.

Everyday Miracles: Learning to Let Go

I’m tired. Yes, tired in so many ways. Physically, my strong lithe body has been whipped as my hormones rebalance themselves to a new normal. But I’m tired mentally too. And I never thought I’d say any of this…

Everyday Miracles: Turning 50

I turn 50 this year. It’s not that I dread the big 5-0, it’s just for the last two years leading up to this milestone age, I’ve been going through a spiritual transformation. In the old days, it was called a mid-life crisis.

Editor’s Blog: Whatever Happened to Leslie Prevish?

Many in the motorcycle industry know Leslie Prevish as the former director of women’s outreach at Harley-Davidson. Leslie is credited with developing the women’s outreach division of Harley-Davidson and making it what it is today. She’s often said that the job was a dream for her.

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