Genevieves Everyday Miracles: How Does Your Light Shine?

When I first met Danielle I was taken by the peace and calmness she exuded. She illuminated with joy. My friendship with her blossomed and over time I learned what made her shine. I decided to live my life such that I too could harness this energy and live in that joyful, peaceful state. Little did I know what living in the light actually required of me.

Everyday Miracles: What Looking In the Mirror Can Teach Us

In order to grow emotionally and spiritually, it’s important to look back, as hard as it is, at behaviors, routines and cycles that have produced less than desirable outcomes in our lives. While we don’t want to dwell on the past, we do want to recognize patterns that are no longer working so we can start to form new fruit-bearing behaviors.

Everyday Miracles: The Effects of Smiling on Purpose

At some point in our lives—if we’re introspective enough, or if we desire change in our lives—we’ll take stock of our past and present so as to affect our future. I’ve been engaging in this exercise in small, manageable doses all my life, but never more than now, since hitting the milestone age of 50 in March.

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