Harley-Davidsons Marketing to Women Is Working

In a press release dated January 19, 2006, announcing Harley-Davidsons 20th record year in revenue and earnings, Harley-Davidson Chief Executive Officer Jim Ziemer cited an increase in sales to women as evidence that strategies in this area are taking effect.

Your Racing Budget

The amount you spend on race equipment varies depending on what kind of motorcycle you get and how much maintenance is required to keep it in good reliable condition, however, the racing sundries needed at …

Your Racing Budget

Editors Pick: Trailer In A Bag

Being the self-sufficient woman rider that she is, editor Genevieve Schmitt found a product that helps her maintain her self-sufficiency a trailer she can put together by herself, load her bike by herself, unload her bike by herself, and then store the trailer in a small space. Its called Trailer In A Bag.

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