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By Genevieve Schmitt

>>What a busy couple of weeks its been. Lots of new postings on these past few weeks. Let me bring some to your attention. The Passenger Page has been reconfigured to make the content more easily accessible. In doing so, we added a Honda Gold Wing Passenger Review article. One of our promises here at Women Riders Now is to include ALL women motorcyclists in our coverage that includes passengers. Our first review rates the back seat of the Cadillac of motorcycles the Gold Wing, and if you havent heard yet, the 2006 Gold Wing is the first motorcycle to come with an air bag. Be sure to check out our review.

>>Weve got a few more reviews of some Honda motorcycles coming your way real soon, so be sure to check out the Motorcycle Road Tests page in the coming weeks.

>>Just posted today in our Female Leader Profiles is our exclusive interview with Patricia DiPietro the new CEO of the America Motorcyclist Association. Im told by the AMAs public relations rep that many sportbike magazine editors had asked to interview Patricia after the Daytona superbike race something having to do with a ruling discrepancy with the race. The AMA is the sanctioning and ruling body of the race series. The AMA stands by its decision and Patricia is not available to speak to those seeking interviews regarding it. When I asked to interview Patricia, I was gladly offered her time and was told this is her first interview and that its an exclusive. Thanks guys. You can read all about this 30-year AMA veteran in our Female Leader Profiles section of And sorry to those who care, but I didnt ask her about the Daytona race. It didnt seem important to Women Riders Now.

>>The response to our “Everybody Has A Story” contest sponsored by Samp;S Cycle has been overwhelming. Weve got lots of stories and pictures to make our way through. Our April winner will be posted on May 1 so, again, check back to see who won the jacket and to read the winning story.

>>Its been a busy week in terms of television coverage and motorcycling. We have four postings on the home page having to do with motorcycling on TV. Two of the items were tune-in notices for a couple of shows yesterday featuring motorcycle material. Dr. Phil ran a motorcycle safety segment; and Made In America, a show on The Travel Channel featured a segment on American Ironhorse Motorcycle Company. Two other shows are currently casting biker women. Check out the home page of for info.

>>By now, some of you may have heard the sad news of Larry Grodsky, a colleague of many of ours in the motorcycle industry. Larry had a motorcycle school called Stayin Safe. He was killed last week when the motorcycle he was riding hit a deer. Larry, who lives in Pennsylvania, was on his way home from California after attending a motorcycle industry safety conference, ironically. He sat next to me at the conference. We chatted briefly, like we always do when we bump into each other at industry events. Sometimes motorcycling makes me mad that it takes people away from us like that. Im still processing the whole thing actually. I pray that Larrys friends and family can find peace in his passing.

>>I discovered two new interesting women-oriented publications you might be interested in knowing about. Pink Magazine is a new publication catering to “professional women.” It appears to be an entrepreneurial venture, meaning its not a product of a publishing conglomerate. The first issue is a good read with lots of pertinent articles for working women, and lots of fun facts and statistics concerning career women. Visit for more info. I also discovered a cool online magazine for women who like like wine. Visit Its kind of like what were doing with Women Riders Now but with wine instead of motorcycles. Its great to see all these other female-focused ventures taking flight.

>>This is the last week the bi-weekly Genevieves Journal will be offered on If you want to continue receiving this insider informational report, sign up to get on our mailing list as this report will be emailed to you every two weeks. Thanks and enjoy spring!

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