Protect Your Lips from Cruising

Riding in the elements can really wreak havoc on your lips, but Cruising Chrome Cosmetics has introduced a lip protection that will put an end to all of that. Chopper Chap is developed for riders by riders and is a uniquely blended moisturizer with SPF15 sun protection which lasts a long time.

Custom Cover For Your Bike

Heres a new cover that will hug your bike to ensure no dirt or dust get inside. The Form-Fit, new from Covercraft is designed to fit the shape of your factory bike, regardless of which make or model you own. Form-Fit follows every curve of your bike to protect your paint while keeping dust and dirt at bay.

REVIEW: Ride Like A Pro IV DVD

When I first received the DVD of Ride Like A Pro IV, I wondered how I could learn to ride a motorcycle better from watching a DVD. Dont I have to be on the bike watching, then practicing the maneuver right after I see it? Im used to instructional videos, like exercise tapes where you work out along with the video while watching it on TV.

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