Protect Your Lips from Cruising

By Teri Conrad, New Products Editor
Chopper Chap by Cruising Chrome Cosmetics

Protect Your Lips with Chopper Chap by Cruising Chrome Cosmetics
Riding in the elements can really wreak havoc on your lips, but Cruising Chrome Cosmetics has introduced a lip protection that will put an end to all of that. Chopper Chap is developed for riders by riders and is a uniquely blended moisturizer with SPF15 sun protection which lasts a long time. It goes on smooth and leaves your lips feeling soft almost instantly, not waxy or stiff like other brands. Its distinctive chrome design on the tube is sure to catch your eye! There is also a nice hint of lemon citrus in each application. WRN road tested this item and now we dont go anywhere without it. Another great gift item or buy some for yourself. Visit for more info.

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