Over And Out Moto Women’s Off-Road Riding and Camping Event

Over And Out (OAO) events include 3 days of off-road riding, camping, and lots of fun bonding with women riders in a private setting. OAO is for women who ride, or who want to learn to ride dirt bikes, enduro, motocross, dual sport, and more. Read about how Maggie McNally became a better dirt rider while making memories with new riding buddies at OAO 2020.

Advanced Rider Training Classes

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) offers advanced rider training called the Experienced RiderCourse. This class can be taken with your own motorcycle and with your own DOT-approved helmet. The class teaches advanced riding skills to those who feel comfortable on the road and comfortable with their motorcycle.

The Value of a Riding Mentor

Having a patient and compassionate experienced rider by your side during the early stages of your motorcycle riding life is invaluable. Many mistakes can be avoided by having someone, a mentor, nearby to help advise you otherwise. A riding mentor can steer you to the right way of doing something the first time and moving through the learning process that much faster.

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