New Trike Review: Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

Experience the thrill of the open air on three wheels with a full-featured touring trike. Can-Am’s two-wheels-in-front machines are hugely fun, easy to ride, and very accessible. Read about editor Tricia’s 1,500-mile test with the RT Limited.

Reader Story and Review: From Bike to Trike

To say that my history with motorcycles was minimal would be an understatement. I had never ridden “anything,” and 26 years ago had ridden on a bike as a passenger for about an hour. My husband, Mike, rides bikes and has raced dirt bikes his entire life. When he retired, and a girl friend of mine got her motorcycling license, I decided to take the leap and work towards getting mine.


I finally got my opportunity to ride this infamous three-wheeler that has onlookers everywhere doing a doubletake. Women Riders Now reviewed BRPs Can-Am Spyder roadster in 2007 when the unusual three-wheeler first hit the market. WRN contributor Perri Capell test rode the Spyder then. Now two model years later with improved handling and more options, Im getting my chance to feel firsthand what all the fuss is about.

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