Reader Story and Review: From Bike to Trike

To say that my history with motorcycles was minimal would be an understatement. I had never ridden “anything,” and 26 years ago had ridden on a bike as a passenger for about an hour. My husband, Mike, rides bikes and has raced dirt bikes his entire life. When he retired, and a girl friend of mine got her motorcycling license, I decided to take the leap and work towards getting mine.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: First All-Trike Ride at Sturgis

Trikes are more popular than ever, and to capitalize on this growing interest, South Dakota-based Lehman Trikes invited trike lovers to rev up their engines for its inaugural All-Trike Ride at the Sturgis Rally in August. The ride was part of the company’s Good Turn Trike presentation, awarding one deserving winner with a brand-new trike.

WRN Editor Test Rides Lehman CrossBow Trike

New from Lehman Trikes is the Crossbow, a three-wheeled version of the Victory Vision, the luxury tourer that made a statement with its sleek, unconventional design when it was introduced three years ago. While this new trike is visually appealing with a unique look all its own, it carries a lot of weight, more than 1,000 pounds. How does that translate on the road?

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