WRN Editor Test Rides Lehman CrossBow Trike

Stunning looks, but how does it ride?

New from Lehman Trikes is the Crossbow, a three-wheeled version of the Victory Vision, the luxury tourer that made a statement with its sleek, unconventional design when it was introduced three years ago. While this new trike is visually appealing with a unique look all its own, it carries a lot of weight, more than 1,000 pounds. How does that translate on the road?

Genevieve Schmitt test riding the Lehman CrossBow.

WRN editor Genevieve Schmitt took the CrossBow out for a test ride in Spearfish, South Dakota, home of Lehman Trikes. Find out if she thinks the CrossBow is on target. The story is posted on our sister site, TrikeRidersNow.com. The link will direct you there to read the story.

3 thoughts on WRN Editor Test Rides Lehman CrossBow Trike

  1. I love my Victory Vision Tour motorcycle and like the new stream line that Victory has put on the bike. I have many people stop me on the street and ask me what kind of bike is that, and I tell them and them so cool.It is not an P.O.S. as Bruce has explained above in his comment. My Victory Vision is going to be triked out to the CrossBow and I still love the sleek designs that Lehman has kept on the Victory. I am supposing that Bruce has never rode a Victory motorcycle of any type to see what kind of wonderful and powerful motorcycle that they are.CrossBow trikes are fun to ride just like a Harley trike would be, and just as fast if not faster with the 106 or the 113 that Victory has on its motorcycles. And they are very agile as well. I get 45 mpg on my Victory Vision now, and will get even better mileage with the CrossBow.I am a WOMAN rider and I can handle the Victory Vision Tour just fine with it being converted to the Crossbow. She handles the corners on a dime and rides like a Cadalliac.I am looking forward to getting my new Crossbow in the near future and having fun and riding fast as she runs-like the wind.I agree the futurist look is not what old school riders are used too, but not everyone is a H-D person. Look to the future for more visonaries works from other m/c companies as well.

  2. No one who's into any kind of retro look is going to like this, and that covers a lot of people. It's very modern and purposeful looking, and at the same time its a bit of a shocker at how far forward design of a three wheeler can go. Modern design usually hides the technical bits.

  3. Is this the rebirth of the Ford Edsel? When I first saw the Victory Vision I thought it was the anti-motorcycle, i.e. everything that a motorcycle shouldn't be: bulbous and heavy looking with unecessary streamlining hiding most of the mechanics. When viewed from the front the large oval air intake was reminiscient of the ugly horsecollar grill which trademarked the Ford Edsel car of the late 50s. This new Crossbow is even uglier than the two wheeled Vision. I thought motorcycles (and trikes) were supposed to be fun and fast, and reasonably agile; this P.O.S reminds me of an office desk on three wheels. Is this the direction Victory's styling will take in the future? I hope not. I guess this is why I'd never buy any of their products; give me a stock Knuckle or Panhead any day.

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