New 2014 Trikes and Scooters from Lehman and Kymco

The largest scooter on the market, plus new offerings from Lehman

Trike and scooter riders have a lot of new options to look forward to for model year 2014, including what is now the most powerful scooter on the market. Keep reading for all the exciting new models just announced.
2014 Kymco MyRoad 700 Scooter
WRN Editor Genevieve Schmitt recently test rode the MyRoad, a brand-new 700cc maxi-scooter from Kymco(full review to come) thats now the largest-displacement scooter in the United States. It rides so much like a motorcycle, you’ll hardly believe it’s a scooter!
2014 Kymco MyRoad 700
WRN Editor Genevieve Schmitt test rides the 2014 Kymco MyRoad 700. She says it’s smooth, comfortable, and has lots of storage space (just what a long-distance touring rider needs). And since it’s a scooter, there’s no shifting—just twist the throttle and go.

Kymco’s MyRoad 700 is priced at $9,699. Look for it in dealerships later this summer.

Honda 2014 Forza 300 Scooter
Also on the scooter front, Honda is introducing the 2014 Forza, a 300cc scooter designed for two-up touring as well as short jaunts around town.
2014 Honda Forza
The 2014 Honda Forza is powered by a fuel-injected, 279cc single-cylinder engine with optional antilock brakes. It’s available in this Pearl Red color only.

Price of the Honda Forza starts at $5,599, with the ABS model priced at $6,099.

Lehman Monarch II LLS Trike for the Honda Gold Wing F6B
Arguably the hottest new trike on the market, the Lehman Monarch II LLS for Honda GL 1800 models—including the Honda Gold Wing F6B—includes a host of features, including a 6-cubic-foot trunk with a vertical lift door, optional adjustable lean control (ALC) and triple tree, and an independent suspension with a standard parking brake.
Lehman Monarch II LLS Trike
The Honda Gold Wing F6B is Honda’s lighter, leaner version of its GL 1800 touring motorcycle, which has found huge popularity among touring riders. With the new Lehman Monarch II LLS trike kit, many more riders, including women, will be able to pilot the big bike.

The Monarch II LLS is one of two new models from Lehman Trikesthat have an independent suspension, with the recently unveiled Renegade LLS for Harley-Davidson models also sporting the feature. The new independent suspension features lightweight aluminum components coupled with dual coil-over shocks to provide a smooth and supple ride.

A dual H-arm suspension provides proper geometry for consistent handling and precise control, while the optional adjustable lean control allows the rider to choose their desired level of cornering performance. The bodies of both trike models have been redesigned to accommodate the new suspension while maintaining Lehman’s seamless styling. Color-match paint is available for both models as well.
Honda Gold Wing F6B Trike
The Lehman Monarch II LLS is available for Honda GL 1800 models, 2001-current, including the Honda Gold Wing F6B.
Lehman Renegade LLS
The Lehman Renegade LLS is available for Harley-Davidson FLH models, 2002-current.
The introductory price for the trike kit for both the Monarch II LLS and the Renegade LLS starts at $8,745 (not including paint and installation).
For more information on these new models, visit the manufacturers websites at:
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