Over And Out Moto Women’s Off-Road Riding and Camping Event

Over And Out (OAO) events include 3 days of off-road riding, camping, and lots of fun bonding with women riders in a private setting. OAO is for women who ride, or who want to learn to ride dirt bikes, enduro, motocross, dual sport, and more. Read about how Maggie McNally became a better dirt rider while making memories with new riding buddies at OAO 2020.

Getting Over the Mental Hurdle

Youve dreamt about what it would be like to ride a motorcycle for years now. You can even picture yourself on your own bike, but for some reason, you cant find the emotional firepower to jump start the learning process and make your dream a reality. Youre not alone. Thousands of women dream about riding a motorcycle, but many are held back because of a variety of reasons stemming from family approval to stereotypes.

Other Barriers

Many women are still held back from pursuing motorcycling by what they perceive as barriers. Those barriers are confidence, product knowledge, cost, skills, and life stage.Confidence: Some women are intimidated by the the thought of …

Other Barriers

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