20 Women in the Prime of Their Lives Take Off-Road Motorcycle Tours

SeeMe SOAR, Hear Me ROAR riding event with ADVWoman founder Pat Jacques features women seeking a life-changing adventure

Women from the first SeeMe SOAR, Hear Me ROAR riding event in the Colorado Backcountry. Keep an eye out as WRN releases exclusive video footage of the tours later this year.

In our quest to find and celebrate remarkable women doing remarkable things in their 40s, 50s and beyond, we invite you to join WomenRidersNow.com (WRN), SeeMe Beauty (a Procter & Gamble brand), and ADVWoman on a journey of discovery and dirt when 20 women aged 45–67 veer outside their comfort zone for two 7-day off-road motorcycle tours in the beautiful Colorado Backcountry. Through an exclusive WRN video series filmed on the rides, participants share their experiences as they explore the road and reflect upon their current chapter of life. (Make sure you sign up for the monthly WRN newsletter so you are the first to know when we post the videos.)

Finding adventure and empowerment at the midpoint in life is what these all-women’s riding events are all about.

Each participant has SeeMe Beauty in her corner, a first-of-its-kind line of skin care products created with ingredients from nature pointedly selected for its effectiveness on estrogen-depleted skin. Each rider will put the products to the test and prove that strength and femininity do not have to be mutually exclusive.

“Every woman has a story and they don’t realize how powerful they are,” says Pat Jacques, founder of ADVWoman. A former motocross racer, Pat works to inspire confidence and empower women looking for a new outlet as they get older and seek meaningful activities while transitioning into a new phase of life. She refers to them as “My Time” women. Though traditional instruction and “gender-neutral trainings” focus predominantly on men, Pat tailors her teaching methods specifically on women considering the difference in which they learn and communicate. “I like to use a woman’s specific strengths to build confidence,” she says. “I hear women say, ‘I’m not good enough, I can’t do this,’ but I see their courage, tenacity, and grit. It’s about meeting women where they are.”

Making mistakes and being able to laugh and overcome them with encouragement is part of what a women’s event like this does so well.

“The Colorado Rocky Mountains provide the perfect scenic backdrop to capture these women’s stories of strength, inner beauty, and self-discovery,” adds WomenRiderNow.com co-chairwoman, Erin Sills. “Regardless of their individual prior life experiences, accomplishing this journey will provide each with many moments to celebrate the beauty of ‘their time.’ WRN is delighted to be riding along to capture these moments and share them in videos for our audience.”

The first group takes a break and bonds over a delicious meal.
Both rides will feature special guest, Lisa Taylor, from the riding community. One of the most skilled adventure riders in the world, Lisa is an Army Veteran and retired police detective. She spent 14 years on a police motorcycle and earned trophies in Police Motorcycle Competition. In 2020 she represented the USA in BMW’s prestigious International GS Trophy Challenge in New Zealand.

Here is a glimpse into the lives and motivations of some of the “My Time” women participating in the SeeMe SOAR, Hear Me ROAR riding event:

Kathy Gallagher, 56, is a retired swimmer who competed at the highest levels. She also works in the field of social justice in Navajo Nation, providing legal support to low-income people. Riding is a passion she was drawn to when she was young, but her mom worried for her safety, so she didn’t start riding until later in her life. She taught her adult son how to ride motorcycles; they now frequently ride together. Silver-haired and willowy, Kathy is a delight to be around—gracious and kind, with the quiet, tenacious grit of a determined woman.

Joanne Donn, in her mid-forties, is Korean-American who recently moved from Philadelphia to Colorado. She is a small woman standing just five feet tall with a generous heart. Joanne manages a motorcycle-accessory store by day and runs a blog dedicated to informing women about protective motorcycle gear by night. She is an experienced road rider and instructor who loves that she has discovered herself and met so many extraordinary women through riding.

Joanne Donn has been writing and reporting on women’s motorcycle gear for years, including WRN’s Gearing Up with Gearchic series.

Janet Fisher, 61, has been busting generational and gender stereotypes related to riding since she took up the sport in 1979. For years, she commuted by motorcycle to her Manhattan job daily—the highlight of her workday. Now retired, she and her husband dedicate most of their free time to improving their motorcycling skills. She’s participating in the tour not just because it’s her passion, but because she’s compelled to encourage other women in their riding journeys.

Kari Schroeder, 45, owns an engineering firm and is the mother of three. Her father raced when she was young and her parents ran a motorcycle shop, so she grew up riding. More than 10 years ago she gave up riding to run her business and raise her kids, eventually feeling like a part of her was missing. She began riding again to reclaim her passion and, along with her dad, has passed on their love of riding to Kari’s nine-year old daughter. Kari loves watching her daughter’s confidence grow as she learns to ride.

SeeMe Beauty was developed because as women enter their 40s and 50s they experience a number of skin problems as a result of declining levels of estrogen, often associated with perimenopause and menopause. These issues include excessive dryness, sagging, dullness, lack of radiance, and the chance for longer-lasting blemishes. The products have been created with ingredients from nature selected for their effectiveness on estrogen-depleted skin for a formula that is proven to nourish and repair the look of skin.
Pat Jacques

ADVWoman founder and former motocross racer Pat Jacques is a coach, keynote speaker, and author. She is recognized for “thinking beyond the box” with her innovative and creative coaching methods. Her mission is to empower women to live in the truth of their brilliance. She has been honored by American Motorcycle Association Magazine and received the Michelin “Total Performance Award” for being an ambassador for the sport and staying active in her community.

To find out more about ADVWoman training and events please visit ADVWoman.com.

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