Passenger Friendly: Being an Effective Passenger and Two-Up Rider

At Women Riders Now, we encourage every person whos interested in motorcycle riding to give the drivers seat a try. After all, for every fearless rider who took naturally to the handlebars, you’ll find a formerly timid rider amazed to find herself comfortable at the controls. But whether it’s personal preference, physical limitations, or another circumstance, it’s perfectly natural for some people to feel more comfortable in the passenger seat—and we applaud you if thats your decision.

Reader Story: Father-Daughter Bonding Through Motorcycling

“All set?” The sound of my fathers voice was muffled against the angry roar of his Honda Magna 750cc V4. Its a question Ive heard thousands of times before. I flashed a thumbs-up, my heart picking up speed as his foot pounded against the kickstand and his right hand twisted the throttle. We set off into a whole new world, a journey of the mind and soul as well as on the road itself.

Reader Story: Mom Is My Inspiration to Ride

It wasnt all that long ago that I would beg my mom to let me off her motorcycle a block before reaching my high school so as not to be spotted riding on the back. My how times have changed! Moms passion for riding was an inspiration for me, and while my days riding as a passenger are all but over, these days I get more seat time riding my own motorcycles.

Reader Story: An Experienced Rider Takes to the Back Seat

While I was growing up in suburban New Jersey, no one in my family rode motorcycles or had any desire to know about them. My father was interested in aircraft, so he got his pilot’s license. My family was fortunate enough to be whisked away many weekends to travel somewhere in our plane: Canada for Canadian bacon, Block Island (off the coast of Rhode Island), Amish country in Pennsylvania, and many other fantastic places.

Reader Story: Mentoring through Mishaps

My riding experience started by sitting on the back of my husbands new 1989 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic. While enjoying sitting on the back during 1989, I knew instantly this was not the place for me. My husband would take me to the local mall to practice. He would ride the bike there and I would follow in his truck. At first he would sit behind me on the bike and I would ride around the parking lot.

The Ultimate Motorcycle Vacation Part 2

Ann reiterated that the best part of their journey was the unknown of each day. “What are we going to see today? Whos out there? Who are we going to meet?” When they left in May the weather was warming up, so they stayed in campgrounds half the time and moteled it or stayed with friends the other half. Progressing north and east, less time was spent in tents.

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