What Motorcycle Should I Buy with My Specific Needs?

I really need some help and advice. I was raised on dirtbikes and four-wheelers and always rode on the back of my dads Harley. However, my husband has purchased a street bike and I dont want to ride on the back, Im guessing because I have ridden since I was 4 on my own and I am independent when it comes to that. Im short; Ive had back surgery…

Need Advice: Strong Rider Still Skittish After Accident

That day I wanted nothing more than to get back on Blue and start riding again. Now, a few weeks later, I get so nervous thinking about riding and being in traffic. I dont understand why I am more scared now than right after it happened. I cant think of anything I couldve done except not been there. I feel myself withdrawing. I dont want to be scared. Im usually so strong and independent.

Why Was It Not OK for Women to Ride Motorcycles?

I have been riding since 1999 and I have several female friends who ride as well. I thought women riding was a new phenomenon, but I just read Cris Sommer Simmons book, The American Motorcycle Girls 1900-1950, about women who rode in the first half of the 1900s. What happened to make it not okay for women to ride motorcycles over the last several decades?

Fear of Riding Alone

I am 50 and just took the motorcycle safety class. Reading all of the comments to this article, 10 Things to Expect When Starting to Ride a Motorcycle, is giving me some encouragement but I cant seem to get over the fear of riding alone for several reasons, safety being the number one concern.

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