“Bigger Woman” Has Question About First Motorcycle

Im not finding much information on bikes for bigger women. Im just at 6 feet and weigh 250 pounds. Went to a Harley-Davidson dealership last week and the most comfortable motorcycles for me, with long legs and long arms, were all Big Twins. The smallest bike I could deal with was the Harley Fat Bob, but again, should I be starting off with a 103 cu. in. engine?

Encouragement Needed Before Taking Motorcycle Class

Im a 21-year-old Kenyan who has been brought up in a very conservative family. My parents are against the idea of me wanting to be a biker, despite my enthusiasm and passion for machines. Also in my home country around 99.99 percent of bikers are male. Any words of encouragement before I start my classes this December?

Need Advice Choosing First Motorcycle

Im a new rider. I just got my license today! Now comes the grueling task of trying to pair me with my first bike. I was leaning towards a Honda Rebel or a Suzuki Boulevard. Someone mentioned the Suzuki may be too heavy for me. Im 5 feet and about 105 pounds. Dont know if that makes a difference. Any advice appreciated!

Need Advice: Getting Back on Bike after an Accident

Two years have gone by since I ran off the road for no apparent reason. I have not ridden on my own since my accident, but have been on the back a few times. My question is, how many of you still have anxiety when you get on your bike after an accident? Did you start off with short distances or just get on and ride 100 miles?

Im Short! Need Advice on Getting Flat-Footed

I am getting ready to take the BRC (Basic Rider Course) and its my first experience with motorcycles at the young age of 63 and just barely 5 feet tall, with a very short inseam. So tall women riders, if you can give us short women riders constructive advice and suggestions on how Id be much obliged.

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