Passenger Has Question About Mounting/Dismounting a Trike

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trike passenger
I love reading your stuff. I like being the passenger. Just started on a Harley-Davidson trike. Can you you help? I am having difficulty getting on and off. There is a small sissy bar between myself and the driver, and one behind me. Thanks.

Maureen Howell
Toms River, New Jersey

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4 thoughts on Passenger Has Question About Mounting/Dismounting a Trike

  1. We just got a trike my girlfriend is 66 and having a hard time getting on. Please any advice.

  2. Experimentation is the answer. Every bike and riding situation is different, here’s what I suggest.You mount first (which you probably do now) and try different approaches. Pretend you’re at a yoga class and find the best way to get that leg over the driver’s backrest. I find standing on the passenger floorboard and slipping your leg between the back rest and let gravity ease you onto the seat works. Getting out will take a whole other approach.

  3. Is it a bar or backrest? Either way remove it. And even though it’s a trike you have to take a safety course! You wont be—or shouldn’t be—carrying a passenger for awhile so don’t worry about the back. When I’m traveling solo I have a backrest on my bike just to have another secure point for luggage. Otherwise I sit up straight and don’t use a backrest so I don’t have to hop over it.

  4. Maureen, step up on the passenger footrests or the driver footrests when getting on the trike. It makes it a lot easier to clear the backrest when swinging your leg over the seat. Having been the owner of a Can–Am Spyder RTS and now a Harley Street Glide trike, this is the easiest way to get on and off.

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