Exclusive Holiday Discounts Just for WRN Readers

Weve got the most comprehensive motorcycling gift guide for women riders everywhere! The companies that advertise on Women Riders Now want to give you, the WRN reader, a special deal this holiday season. Please be sure to shop these companies first, and when you buy let them know you heard about them on WRN.

REVIEW: Roadgear Digital Tire Gauge

I’m always on the quest for the perfect tire gauge. I need one that sits firmly on the valve stem and gives me an accurate reading the first time. So many of the pen style designs are flimsy and cheap so I wonder if their read out is even accurate. So, I was excited… yes, I get excited over good tire gauges…when I was asked to test the newest digital tire gauge in Roadgear’s offerings

Locking Tie Down Straps

Lockstraps LLC was formed in 2009, shortly after the president of the company, Jeff Cranny, had the misfortune of having motorcycles stolen from his truck. He realized the importance of being able to secure his truck bed cargo from potential thieves. It prompted him to find a dependable device to secure his valuables. Jeff’s idea was to produce a heavy duty tie down with a combination lock.

New Products: Items For Your Motorcycle You

What a nifty gadget — plastic containers to protect your fruit from getting smooshed in your saddlebags. Check them out plus a whole lot more including a motorcycle seat that gets you down low, T-shirts that show off your biker attitude, and jackets for all kinds of riding. These are just some of the new items available now we think youll just love, or at least want to know about.

Product Review: Handy On-Bike Automatic Garage Door Opener

At first, I thought this product was silly when I was asked to review it, but after installing it (which is relatively easy) and using it, I love it, especially when its freezing out, and you just want to roll right into the garage. F2P Technologies makes a secure, easy way to activate your garage door opener from the seat of your motorcycle. Rather than carrying a bulky remote, F2P Technologies has a system that includes a transmitter that’s powered by your bike’s battery through the headlight wiring.

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