Product Review: Handy On-Bike Automatic Garage Door Opener

No more fumbling for the remote in your pocket

By Tricia Szulewski

At first, I thought this product was silly when I was asked to review it, but after installing it (which is relatively easy) and using it, I love it, especially when its freezing out, and you just want to roll right into the garage.

Imagine being able to drive right up to your garage door and simply flicking your high beams to open the garage. Nice!

F2P Technologies makes a secure, easy way to activate your garage door opener from the seat of your motorcycle. Rather than carrying a bulky remote, F2P Technologies has a system that includes a transmitter that’s powered by your bike’s battery through the headlight wiring. The receiver either replaces your existing garage door wall switch, or can be piggybacked to work in conjunction with it. Once installed, two flicks of the high-beam switch delivers a radio frequency to the receiver that opens the garage door.

Two flicks of the high beam switch activates the garage door opener.

The F2P system uses digitally encrypted rolling code technology that emits a secure signal, with a limitless number of coding combinations thwarting break-in attempts. Additional transmitters can be installed in other vehicles and programmed to work with one receiver. The small, waterproof transmitter can be secured inside your motorcycle’s headlight shell, under the fairing, or in another hidden location on the bike. Make sure to choose a location away from moving parts and excessive heat.

Heres a quick glance at how easy it is to install the receiver on your motorcycle
This is just a guide. Please refer to the instructions that come with the product.

Step 1. Attach “jumper wires” to the F2P receiver if you plan to retain your existing remote.
Step 2. Then wire the F2P receiver to the original garage door receiver.
Step 4. And pop the receiver unit onto the backing plate.
Step 3. Mount the backing plate nearby.
Step 5. Insert one of the headlight wires into the Posi-Tap body supplied, and tighten.
Step 6. Insert one of the exposed transmitter wires into the end of the Posi-Tap body and tighten the cap.

The Flash2Pass System For Motorcycles is available from for $79.95. You can also call 540.942.3500.

About the Author
Tricia Szulewski has maintained the woman riders perspective in RoadBike magazine for the past 10 years. She became a certified MSF instructor in 2008, and logs thousands of miles each year on anything that shows up in the company stable. You can find some of Trishs bike reviews, adventures, product evaluations, and more at

7 thoughts on Product Review: Handy On-Bike Automatic Garage Door Opener

  1. Perfect timing on this article! I was just about to get a whole new garage door opener because I want to upgrade to a newer garage door opener with a light, more wall switchs and remotes etc. I will probably still get a new garage door opener but it would be great to also get the on-bike automatic garage door opener so I don't have to keep a remote on my bike. Thanks for the great review!

  2. We live in the Pacific NW and I can't tell you how great it is not having to get off the bike when you pull up to the garage. It is especially nice not having to get off in the rain to go inside to open the garage door because we forgot to take the remote out of the car when we left. When you finally got the door open you came back to have to sit on a wet bike seat just to pull the bike into the garage. Both my husband and I have this on our bikes and I also have a small remote on my second bike. This product is the greatest!

  3. This was one of my best investments! No more worrying about dropping or losing the remote and where to put it when not wearing something with pockets! The ease of just flicking the switch and riding on in.

  4. My husband and I have had this on our bikes for years. It is very convenient. We love it.

  5. I live in a gated condo complex and use a garage door opener to open the gate. I called the company and found out this will also work for me so I don't have to stop the bike, put it in neutral then key in the gate code. I'm going to order one.
    Thanks for the info.

  6. That is a cool idea! At the moment, though, I don't even have a garage door opener. (Sigh.)

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